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StarlightGuard 11/5/2008 12:45:57 PM

nah amish, it's all good :)


hanso 11/5/2008 2:32:21 PM

If those were your nephews I would say: "Your nephews are hot son!!"

lol, gotta go with Aegrant, why in the world are people dressing up?  It'd better not be so they can do battle on

irascible 11/5/2008 4:37:16 PM
<P itxtvisited="1">I'm not going to question why any semi-attractive female is dressing up as supergirl, a WOW character etc...  There's something about hot ladies (of the correct age mind you) that are big nerds that is just freaking awesome.</P>
michaelxaviermaelstrom 11/5/2008 6:43:15 PM


You know, (or if not, you really should - Ed) I've been quietly planning my next heist, and tryin ta keep a low profile, and what happens just before I launch "Operation Plaid-Skirts-That-Respond-To-My-Telepathic-Commands"

Jarrod plasters my name up for the flying rodent to readily discover that Mania is my subterranean hideout.

You're gonna pay for that DJ.

What kind of Dark Jedi are you anyway, you're constantly helpin the good guys.


P.S: I would like to formally announce that if there is some issue as to whether or not those 2 scorchin hot Zelda cosplayers are female, I heretountofor motion to nominate myself, as the person to check.  

Also, the nominations are closed, and the motion is carried.


michaelxaviermaelstrom 11/6/2008 12:29:16 AM

re: "(maelstrom is - Ed) probably out for a game of Tokyo Stomp" - StarlightGuard.


Yes, I've been busy with the preliminary casting for the plaid-skirt-clad screaming Japanese girl for that Tokyo Stomp film You and Jakester and I were working on.

(it's really quite odd, all of the girls - or at least the ones that didn't run away screaming when he answered the door in his purple bathrobe - have been absolutely perfect for the part, and yet for some reason, he's still casting - Ed)

Off to vote in the Cosplay Wars.

Good idea btw Jarrod.

(and yet not evil - Ed)

Well, you can't 'ave everything Ed.


AMiSHPiRATE 11/6/2008 7:01:31 AM

 If those nephews of mine had been on the green party ticket tuesday, I wonder if things would have turned out differently.

stupidmania 11/8/2008 6:39:01 AM

 huh...oh well, i guess if all else fails i can use this make good fanboy videos which are about 0.001% of the ones on YouTube (gotta love it when they say "trailer" and it's around 4 mins, idiots). Bring on the costumes! We need to get Ruby Rocket on here though if she isn't already.

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