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hanso 7/7/2012 4:59:26 PM

 It's a legit theory, not saying its what it is but its legit.  You can agree with it or disagree but lets not be acting like it's completely random or far fetched.  That's all I'm saying.

Wiseguy 7/7/2012 5:34:40 PM

It's obvious that it's a legit theory and anyone that bothers to think about it for more than 15 seconds can agree. The spider in the glass housing at the very beginning being the main hint. Not a plot hole at all but a mystery


hanso 7/7/2012 5:46:11 PM

 Like I said man, we on point.

DaForce1 7/7/2012 6:31:14 PM

 Obviously, I'm not the only one who took Webb's interview answers to mean that the genetic tampering subplot (that was *so* loved by everyone when Ang Lee did it in The Hulk) of Peter was taken out at the studio's request. Charlie Jane Anders over at i09 (where Ifound the initial reference to the Badassdigest and Huffington Posts articles) had this to say:


In any case, over at Badass Digest, Devin Faraci does a great job of analyzing some of the scenes from the trailers that aren't in the movie, to figure out what sequences were cut at the last minute. I'm not going to summarize it here — you should just go read it for yourself. In a nutshell, there was a whole sequence where Dr. Ratha finds Connors' sewer lab and gets killed. But more importantly, there's tons of evidence — including snippets still in the final movie — that the film included a whole "Peter's parents borked his DNA" subplot that got taken out after the studio saw a rough cut.

And really, that's a very good thing. As I mentioned above, I was super apprehensive about the hints in the trailers that we were going to get a radical reinvention of Spidey's origin story — one in which he was destined from birth to become Spider-Man, or at least the only person who could have become Spidey. As it is, the fact that Peter's parents were directly connected to the experiments that led to his spider-bite seems too convenient, and makes his world too small. (Although on the plus side, Peter's not bitten by accident — he actively goes looking for answers, and gets bitten as a result of his decisions.)

Spelling out that Peter Parker was genetically engineered to be Spider-Man — or to be capable of becoming Spider-Man, at least — takes away some of the "normal guy gets superpowers" angle. It also turns his parents into actual monsters, who experimented on their own baby, and possibly sets up a scenario similar to Ang Lee's Hulk where his parents turn up alive, and sic spider-poodles on him. (It seems pretty clear that in Marc Webb's Spider-verse, the Parkers are alive.) I kind of hate the idea of making Spidey's origin so overdetermined.

But also, you know, there's just the fact that Spider-Man's origin, like a lot of the best Stan Lee creations, is incredibly simple — except in its ramifications. Spidey's single spider-bite (plus his miraculous invention of web-shooters and so on) gives him the power, and then the interesting question is what he does with that power. Making the mechanics of Spidey's power-up more complicated just messes with what makes him such a classic hero — so it's a very, very good thing that Sony slashed and burned that subplot from Amazing Spider-Man. Let's hope it's kept out of the sequels, too.

ElBaz13 7/7/2012 8:52:43 PM

Just came back to see it and I have to admit, preffered this one over the Raimi movies.

I really disliked Tobey as Parker in Spidey and the so-called "chemistry" with Kirsten Dunst.  Tobey was flat. The organic webs sucked. And some cringed inducing scenes like strutting on the street or dancing in Spidey 3.

Enough of that. ASM had a lot of great stuff starting with Garfield as Peter. Bingo! Perfect. Emma Stone as Gwen? loved her. Their chemistry seemed so natural. Can't go wrong with Field and Sheen as Ben and May. Even my 8 year old said "Peter's uncle and aunt are so nice". :) Loved the mech shooters and the way they got around Peter inventing them from scratch (see Raimi, that's what good scriptwriting is!). Loved the cocky Spidey. The fights vs the Lizard were top notch and did not look CG at all. Kudos to those crazy acrobatic French-Canadians to make Spidey's agility so natural! 

But..this movie was not perfect. (leave that to Avengers). So flaws. I felt the movie dragged on a bit and my 8 year old seemed bored at times yet she was cool with Thor, Cap and Avengers. Why did it drag? My biggest beef is the retelling of the origin again. I think this would have been better off to have the origin in the opening credits like Incredible Hulk. Then throw in a few parent flashbacks here and there.

Too many mask removals. I get it, it's not easy to get facial expressions and there are no thought bubbles in movies, but let's not overdo it. I didn't mind the mask removal scene with the kid or when Capt Stacy removes the mask but, was it necessary for him to take it off in the school and head into the tunnels? No.

No spider sense. Well, if he did have a spider sense, we barely got a glimpse of it. Spider sense is what makes Spidey. At least the Raimi movies showed it happen in a very cool way. Maybe we'll see more in the sequel.

And yes, some minor issues here and there that could have been done better. For instance, at the end, when Peter is hanging on the ledge and Dr Connors holds him with his regenerated hand. Then the hand starts to deteriate and forces Dr Connors to extend his good hand out to Peter to hold him. The drama! The intensity! When all Peter has to do is just stick to the wall.

Still a good movie and looking forward to more. I would rather see another new villain in #2 and not Goblin (just introduce Goblin for #3). I want Kraven, Mysterio, Scorpion or Shocker. How many times are we going to see a Spidey villain talk to himself? Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom and now Lizard. No more schizos!


RodThunderBalls 7/8/2012 9:33:04 AM

DaForce1, for you to get so upset and throw such a weak insult at me is so unbecoming. You said that there was huge plot hole, and I just wanted you to explain to me what it was because the spider bite thing is not a plot hole. I don't remeber seeing a whole lot of foot traffic going through that lab and disturbing the webs. We know that the general public is not allowed to walk in and trounce around in there. Do we know what the protocols are for the lab workers before going in that room? Perhaps they wear hazard suits. Do we know if every spider is capable of transferring that genetic information? No we don't. So no, not just anyone is going to go in there and become spiderman. You made the same leap in judgement as a child. You didn't think it through. You accept the fact that Parker is genious enough to create web shooters, but don't accept the fact that he's genious enough to remember a finger pattern. You're a plot hole. Speaking of which, you should learn the definition of plot hole before using it so incorrectly. As far as comprehension goes, maybe you should learn to comprehend the universe in which these characters come from, because by your own definition, anyone bitten by a radioactive spider, hit by gamma radiation, or be injected by super soldier serum can become a hero, therefore the whole comics universe is a giant plot hole. In the comics world, when circumstances and conditions align just right, that's when we get our hero or villain. And lets not forget to mention the Raimi Spiderman movie, in which the spider that GOT OUT, if it were to bite more people (or if any more of those spiders were to get out and bite people), they'd all become Spidermen, or spiderwomen, or spiderkids, or spiderdogs, or spidercats, or spiderflies.

And just for future reference, my name isn't actually Rod, as in Rodney, it's Rod, as in throbbing meat stick, which is in close proximity to my ThunderBalls, hence the name. As I'm sure your name isn't Da, which is why I don't just call you Da. So, when you refer to me, to wirte RodThunderBalls, would be more correct than just Rod. Perhaps a helper monkey can help you with your reading and writing skills.


DaForce1 7/8/2012 10:29:13 AM

 Whatever, Rodwhateveryournameis.  

RodThunderBalls 7/8/2012 10:50:11 AM

 sucks to be so wrong, eh dafathead

shac2846 7/8/2012 11:03:37 AM

 I didn't think the spider bite was a gaping plothole either. 

Hookedonavengers2012 7/8/2012 11:33:06 AM

 Hey Shac hows it going? 

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