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jedibanner 5/4/2012 9:46:05 PM

Just saw it...BEST COMIC MOVIE EVER!!!


Loads of fun, great action and Fx and finally, FINALLY the Hulk looked and acted like the real Hulk and Banner was being acted like the real Banner.

Ruffollo, the new official Bruce Banner forever and ever and ever.

jedibanner 5/4/2012 9:47:17 PM

 the end is it a Skrull or Thanos?

scutigeromorph 5/4/2012 11:06:06 PM does one write a review?  Is that possible, or do you have to be top secret? 

ActionMovieGod 5/5/2012 3:29:41 AM

Simply fucking amazing....

hanso 5/5/2012 4:15:39 AM

 Silly rabbits, why you putting up spoiler warnings on the review thread?  This is where you can discuss the flick freely.  If somoene is reading reviews and comments without seeing the movie is there own fault.  

I'm going to help you cats out so you don't have to put up spoiler warnings here no more.

Coulson gets killed by Loki.  Thanos shows up in the mid credit scene.  The Avengers eat shwarma at the final credit scenes.

Thor fights Iron Man, Hulk, and a little Cap.  

Hulk shows up for the first time in the hellicarrier.   He then chases Black Widow busting up.

Loki controls Hawkeye most of the flick.

Alien invasion at the end, Avengers win cause Iron Man flies a nuke up to the mothership, then they all disappear.

The end.



wish 5/5/2012 5:16:49 AM

The Hulk's no-look punch to Thor in the middle of the final battle is quite possible the funniest thing I've ever seen on a screen.  Thor: "He's my brother" Black Widow: "your brother killed 80 people in 2 days" Thor: "he's adopted...."  Joss Whedon was putting genius writing like that on tv every week for a long time.  Too many more to be a prick and write about so I'm gonna go see it again in 6 hours..........this film's gonna get a lot of my money this weekend......


To anyone near a Cineplex Odeon with VIP cinemas.  Here in Canada we have these new VIP rooms in the Cineplex's, they are 18 yrs only admission, reserve seating and they serve you at your seat up until the second trailer, food/booze....and the seats are like lazy boys with tons of leg room, Shaq wouldn't be able to kick your seat...obviously the kicker is the 20$ ticket but It's worth it, the best cinema experience I've ever had, no kids no babies no chair kicking or arm touching, just awesome.  I'll never go to a regular cinema again if I can help it, I'll make exceptions for IMAX of course.

jedibanner 5/5/2012 5:28:21 AM

Well jee wiz hanso, SPOILER alert would've been nice on you part, LOL!!!

wish, yeah, those a great except this time, those super theatres and most of the available time of showing were in 3D so, that kind of sucked since there was way fewer showing in 2D then 3D and those theatres in 3D weren't full at all anyway so that was crap, think of all the money they lost because people prefered to wait for 2D instead of packing the 3D theatres.

Wiseguy 5/5/2012 7:30:12 AM

And the winning sequence is when Hulk took down Loki. Come on that was funny and for a split second I thought Loki was about to take control of the Hulk

ElBaz13 5/5/2012 8:17:11 AM

My wife had tears of laughing so hard when Hulk rag dolled Loki. Glad to see all target audiences loved this movie. My kids. My wife who is not a big comic fan but told me this is the best she's seen. My girls got home excited and fired up the Superhero Squad PS3 game to play Hulk and Iron Man. Now my 72 year old mom is asking me to take her. She said "it looks like an all-star superhero movie and it looks good but your dad won't take me to see this"... I guess I can go again...:)

@jedibanner. yup, fully confirmed it is Thanos. Great villain and set up for Avengers 2. I'm expecting end credit sequences in Cap 2, Thor 2, IM 3 and probably Ant Man to lead up to Avengers 2.

@wise. Never had shawarmas? They are soooooooo good. Such garlicky goodness. So many of these shops here in Ottawa. Actually, there is one across the street of my place and make one of the best damn shawarmas in the city...maybe I will bump into Stark there.'s lunchtime now...




ElBaz13 5/5/2012 8:56:10 AM

Agree with Hanso on the spoiler remarks but some are still curious to peruse comments hoping to get small bits but not the whole movie away. I was like that the past week. Hadn't seen it but want to hear if it was good or bad, not the exact plot points. I still appreciated the spoiler warning. But....since we are all fanboys, I'm guessing 90% of us who comment here probably have all seen it.

I'm still glowing about this movie and need to bring up more good points (plus I just had a shawarma so I'm in a good mood).


Black Widow has her Russian roots! My beef for IM 2 was Widow whom I was so-so on the casting because she was not Russian or had an accent. But, give credit to Whedon/Zak Penn. Her opening scene was very memorable having her in Russia, speak Russian and of course hint on her origin. Now I realize...she has no accent because she is a super spy! They are trained to blend in. :)  Plus  I love the way they handled Widow. She just wasn't a prop to the boys club. Went toe to toe with aliens, Hulk and the great reverse interrogation match she had with Loki was brillant.

They didn't forget Jane Foster. I'm sure adding Portman for a few minutes of screen time would have cost them more so they passed on that but at least they made reference to it. Good on them.

The Cap costume. Yes, it's pretty much tights but I love the way it was explained by Coulson to Rogers on why it was the red white and blue. Very well written scene.

I have to say, in the past 6-7 years, I have not returned to the movies for a second time to see a movie I really enjoyed. Instead, I would just wait for the DVD/blu-ray and spend my cash to watch it at home over and over again. I have to say Avengers is my exception. I will return to see it in theatres again (in 2D) and of course, still end up buying the blu-ray. A





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