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MrEt 6/22/2012 5:29:11 AM

A B minus it may be but I think I'll still be happy when I walk out of the theater tonight.

ElBaz13 6/22/2012 5:42:02 AM

I wonder if Pixar has lost its mojo while Walt Disney Animation Studios have stepped up?

Look at the last two CG animated films by Walt Disney Studios. Bolt and Tangled. They surpass the last two Pixar films, Cars 2 and Brave. I wonder if the moment Pixar merged with Disney a few years ago, a lot of the talent went from one studio to another?

I will still go see this. My girls are pumped. Because they are girls, they had zero interest in Cars 2 last year so at least now, we get to see a Pixar film together.

Wiseguy 6/22/2012 6:02:25 AM

The more you get up to bat the more your average will come down, it's just a matter of fact. You can't keep batting 1.000. Pixar's worse would still beat most other studios best.

I also think some critics sometimes compare films, especially Pixar who set the bar extremely high. So in general when you see a Pixar film you can't help in your mind but to try to decide if it's as good as The Invincibles or Toy Story instead of just basing on the film at hand, at least that's what I think

Hobbs 6/22/2012 6:12:13 AM

Can't comment on it till I see it with my daughter.  Problem with Pixars popularity is that adults start thinking these movies are for them, not the kids.  It was tracking well on Rotten t's last time I checked but then again so was Prometheus and we all know what a mess that movie was.

Bryzarro 6/22/2012 6:14:31 AM

 Incredibles Wise.  But I see your point.  I don't have much interest but with a wife and kid I was told last night I am going to be seeing this on Saturday.  I hope it surprises me as much as Madacascar 3 did.  

Wiseguy 6/22/2012 6:21:17 AM

Thanks Bryzarro, brain fart on my part

ElBaz13 6/22/2012 6:25:30 AM

To reiterate my point. Look at the awesome Wreck It Ralph trailer. This movie feels like a Pixar film.

But you are right Wise, a "bad" Pixar movie is still better than a lot more movies out there. I loved all Pixar movies except the Cars (and they weren't so bad) so I'm sure I will like this.

iceknight52 6/22/2012 6:36:53 AM

I too will be taking my daughters 8 and 6 to this film over the weekend. Say what you want about Disney but I'm glad to see that they have developed such strong female roles in their worlds that young girls can look up to. Too much crap out their to influence them toward a much poorer self image. Just nice to see that the princesses and fairies all seem to be strong and independent women. This is one parent that can thank Disney for that and pray it helps a little toward keeping them off the pole in later years. ;)

monkeyfoot 6/22/2012 6:42:15 AM

Wise is right on the money IMHO.

I will still end up seeing this in the theatre. I like the subject (unlike the Cars movie) and the animation just awes me. I can never have big complaints about a movie studio and moviemaking process like Pixar's that is so filmmaker friendly first then pleasing the bizness-heads of the studio second.

Hobbs, what do you mean we all know what a mess Prometheus turned out to be? It is a hotly debated web topic. You either like it alot or you hated it. I'm on the liking side. Yes, there are some complaints but any movie that tries to be challenging and ambituous in a summer flick, made by a true craftsman, does none of the typical things you'd expect from another film in a franchise, is alright in my book. I'm not saying its in the same league but I imagine the same type of talk went on when 2001 came out.

Hobbs 6/22/2012 7:17:40 AM

Monkey, problem with Prometheus is in the script, not the director.  Though I have to take exception to you comparing this to 2001, that is a huge insult to a classic.  I could take apart the Prometheus script where I can't do that with 2001.  As I had said in a previous post, sometimes Ridley Scott suffers from a bad script that not even he can fix with his magic.

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