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monkeyfoot 6/22/2012 8:04:38 AM

Hobbs, I understand your problems with the movie and they are legitimate and valid. I just never like it when I hear someone say, "It's so obvious to everyone this movie sucks/is awesome." It's just too broad a statement.

This movie seems to rub everybody one way or the other. It just happens to rub me happy. My main complaint is the stupid way characters would act and that they didn't do alot to make them likeable. But other things I liked just push the scale more over to the good side.

I compared it to 2001 not to say it is just as great but that it was also a big scifi spectacle that was not conventional for its time and probably left alot of people going WTF.

shac2846 6/22/2012 9:05:20 AM

They had the editor of entertainment weekly on today show this morning. He said it was really good and people should go and see it and if it were any other studio it would be that studios best but because it's pixar people expect greatness. Their brand name is attributed to quality filmmaking no way around it. Although I disagree about the creative thing, they tried a fairy tale, something that was completely outside of their comfort zone. They tried something new for them and I respect that. Plus if this is a flop, which I doubt, I think Monsters U will be a hit. Saw the teaser for it the other day and it looks great. 

shac2846 6/22/2012 9:10:36 AM

 Ebiaz, I agree with your disney pixar merger observation. Saw the trailer for Wreck it Ralph and it definitely looked like an original idea that Pixar would  have come up with. I was also thinking the same thing about Tangled. Wife and I saw it you could definitely tell pixar braintrust had a hand in that. Haven't seen Bolt though, was it good?

lazarus 6/22/2012 2:10:05 PM

Pixar is currently developing their next tentpole franchise property. Staring Ru Paul in How to Train Your Drag Queen.  Ru Paul play a young man who discovers the world of transgender dressing, against his father's wishes he pursues his dream to become the best Drag Queen ever.

InnerSanctum 6/22/2012 2:15:39 PM

 Hobbs:  I agree.  Prometheus, while being visually entertaining was no where close to 2001.  I'm sorry, I was really looking forward to Prometheus, but it isn't deep.  It just ask a lot of questions and gives no answers.  It really falls into B monster territory towards the end.  I think it needed a rewrite, or they were expecting to do a sequel.  Otherwise, not sure why they even added the Alien.  Ridley Scott....has always produced visual treats...his stories haven't all been that grand.  Just because you are left trying to fill in the blanks of a bad script doesn't mean it was a deep movie.  

I wanted to see Brave, but somewhere lost interest.  However, it seems my girlfriend is excited for this film.  I think it is just because the lead, like her, has red hair.  

jppintar326 6/22/2012 3:50:34 PM

Can't get excited about this movie and think I'll skip it.

Hobbs 6/22/2012 8:05:54 PM

Liked this movie and my daughter loved it.  She is already asking for a bow and arrow for Christmas.  This isn't better than Toy Story but it is a worthy edition to the Pixar line.

Monkey, I'm sure people did feel that way about 2001 when it came out but people had never seen a movie like that before.  It was a ahead of it's time like Blade Runner was but both of those movies had what Prometh didn't have, a good script.  Damon Lindelof is a script writer with good ideas but I swear the guy puts a list of ideas on a dart board and goes nuts with it.  He never has any idea how anything connects or the depth of a story...put some cool things in the story and some explosions and people will like it.  That's what he does and so far he has made a lot of money writing these things up so he knows what will work in Hollywood.  We won't know till 20 years from now but I would be willing to put my money on Prometheus not finding the audience the way 2001 and Blade runner did.  I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Inner, I was also looking forward to Prometheus so I feel your pain.  I think this movie falls into the I want it to be great category.  People did the same thing with The Phantom Menace and they try to make an excuse for it at every turn.  I'm not saying people are crazy if they like it, they can like whatever they want but to put this movie in the same breath as 2001 is ridiculous.  If Ridley Scott didn't have a name for himself this movie wouldn't have made it through the opening weekend.

death4sale 6/23/2012 2:15:31 AM

I can't fathom comparing 2001 to Prometheus. Prometheus was suspenseful and kept me completely enthralled for the entire runtime. 2001 is my ideal cure for insomnia. It has helped me fall asleep countless times. Not until recently when I acquired it on Bluray did I actually manage to stay awake for the movie. It is an amazing achievement in cinema, it is breathtaking on Bluray but the fact is for me Prometheus was exhilarating, it kept my heart pounding. While 2001 is a great film, there are times where it hits a lull and I still start to doze off.

death4sale 6/23/2012 2:25:38 AM

I saw no problem with the script of Prometheus. Remember, the script is the actual dialogue which I found nothing wrong with. Many of my friends said they didn't like the story which is different from the script. No one is making an excuse for Prometheus. It's called different tastes, something we all have. There is no universal relative form of taste where everyone likes the same thing. I love Prometheus and found it very enjoyable, my second best film of the year behind the Avengers. Many of you didn't like it, but to speak as if your taste is the ideal concept of taste is kind of ignorant. We will all continue to debate about this film. Can we all just accept the fact that some liked it and some don't. I have a unique perspective on films since I am filmmaker. I know the ridiculous hard work that goes into making a film so I always try really hard to only look at the positives of any film. It leaves me a happier film goer than people who complain about everything. Every film has shortcomings, there is no such thing as a perfect film even the Avengers has its flaws.

ElBaz13 6/23/2012 1:19:03 PM

 Hey Shac,

Bolt was actually quite a surprisingly good movie. I have a friend who works in animation and is overly critical of animated films that are not Pixar. I invited him over to see this and was expecting him to rip it apart but he loved it. Again, the movie has superb animation and a very good story that could make it easily a Pixar flick. 

I believe Bolt was the first Disney animation studio John Lasseter got to retool/work on in his new position at Disney as CCO (read it in wiki). You can tell the Pixar influence. Another good example of the Lasseter handiwork are the Tinkerbell direct to video movies. They are very well done and probably even better than some animated movies that hit theatres today.

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