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Kadet2002 7/22/2011 7:12:50 AM

Totally agree ElBaz13. The reason for doing these solo movies is to set up the grand finale, The Avengers. It's just like the 4th of July fireworks. The fireworks go right along with the 1812 overture. They are a little sporratic in the beginning, pick up a little in the middle, and in the end they all go off at once with the final notes of the music. Gonna be Epic.

Gonna have to wait to see it in a few weeks b/c of my summer class, so I'm already tearing my hair out. Can't Wait!!!

shac2846 7/22/2011 7:34:30 AM

 EIBaz13, most of the bitching I read is that they spent too much emphasis on the shared universe and not enough on the characters story. IM2 got a lot of that. 

ElBaz13 7/22/2011 8:26:35 AM

In regards to the Rotten Tomatoes score. There is an interesting article/conspiracy theory over on the comicbook movie website.

Something about low scores being released first, calling the movie Rotten before all critic scores are in and of course, Rotten Tomatoes is owned by WB.

Check it out.

SarcasticCaveman 7/22/2011 8:47:22 AM

 I totally disagree that the movies spend too much time developing a shared universe.  Do these critics have ADD or something?  Seriously, I've seen plenty of character time, although not always entirely believable...sorry, that's still my one beef with Thor, and the reason I give it a B - B plus instead of an A - A plus...I don't think being exiled for three days is going to make somebody grow as a person.  I found that to be just a tad ridiculous.

By the way, since when does a plus symbol not show up?  Really annoying.

violator14 7/22/2011 8:52:21 AM

I can kinda see where the "pacing of the action" is a bit off from what i saw of one of the clips where's he's fighting a bunch of the hydra soldiers. I kinda pictured something a lil bit more crazier in my head. But still looking forward to seeing it this sunday. RT has pretty good reviews overall. And ya i agree, sticking in things that relate to the Avengers is part of what these characters are about and need to be in there! Duh critics!!! haha

gauleyboy420 7/22/2011 10:38:03 AM

Can't Wait to see this!!!! Been outta the movie loop for a few weeks, and really want to see another great comic movie. One that my girlfriend won't mind seeing. I just dragged her to Transformes 3 last night and it was the first one I really didn't care for. Too long and boring. AND I hate to admid it, but too many humans. 


Here's hoping Captain A will wash that bad taste outta my mouth.

alienstatue 7/22/2011 10:56:46 AM

Really enjoyed what all the actors did. Top notch from Evans and the others. I liked it overall, but the pacing seemed off. I felt the same about Thor also. Some of the CGI looks pretty crappy too, but I think it was the CGI on top of the vintage 40's effect the movie had going on that made some of it seem weird. Who knows.

I would definitely recommend though. Evans is great in this one and all the other actors too, and the Avengers teaser at the end on the large screen kicked ass!

Calibur454 7/22/2011 10:59:30 AM

just came back from the theater- I loved it. I also loved the avengers teaser- I was hoping they would do that- promote the avengers movie- I thought it would launch with the other trailers before the movie but its was still cool to see it at the end of Cap. I really dont want to release any spoilers at this point but I was thrilled about all the tie ins from the other movies.

DarthoftheDead 7/22/2011 11:05:17 AM

I promised my dad that I would wait for him so we could see it together, and now I have to wait until the 3oth to see C.A.   AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! What was I thinking, LOL.

noahbody 7/22/2011 11:20:03 AM

Loved it!

nuff said!!

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