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vitieddie 7/25/2012 11:41:01 PM


I rate Avengers (as a movie overall) slightly ahead of TDKR ... I'll give you that ... I won't go into the different themes, plot points, etc (you know my position on that) ... and I'll just forgive the rest of your rants lol ... 

vitieddie 7/25/2012 11:49:06 PM


Seriously ... TDKR didnt suck ... and I know when a movie sucks ... Ghost Rider 2 sucked .... if TDKR sucked ... then Amazing Spiderman must have been AWFUL ... did you find Spidey awful??? ... Iets give credit where credit's due and not fall into the "Marvel v DC" thing ...

gopherblaster 7/26/2012 4:51:41 AM

 Betenoire you made my point. So what were they sitting in when talking about the auto pilot?  I smell plot hole. 

gopherblaster 7/26/2012 5:52:24 AM

 Again going with my complaint that "not just anyone can be Batman".  Remember Gordon got the drop on John Blake pretty easily.

DarthoftheDead 7/26/2012 7:42:26 AM

@Vitieddie - I agree with you about that...TDKR was'nt as bad as G.R. 2 or Spiderman 3 as my rants claimed, but seriously.......Nolan was ripping himself off....not a bad thing, per se, but not very original.

I have similiar complaints(rants, lol) about Peter Jackson and The Return of the King, where I felt that Jackson overly used Gollum, cause of the Publics reaction to Gollum in The Two Towers or Lucas ripping himself off in The Phantom Menance, seriously, T.P.M. is almost a scene for scene copy of A.N.H.

Personally, I felt that Nolan was kinda/sorta making fun of the U.S.A. with all the "class warfare" or the incompetence of the GCPD,    C'mon....who really would've sent the bulk of their forces down into the sewers??????? Nobody with a lick of Strategy...thats who....

fatpantz 7/26/2012 8:50:43 AM

How the $#@! can a director rip himself off when doing a film???  Your rants makes no sense...I do not mean to be a dick, but seriously.  I will also clarify that I am not a person that claims that this film was perfect or out of this world, but I did find it entertaining and enjoyed how it wrapped up the story that Nolan set out to tell.

1. For the love of all that is holy, put your ramblings in one post, you used up a full page to your personal incoherent thoughts. 

2. Bruce's injury was to his leg and was sustained in the previous film.  He walks with a cane since his retirement as Bats...I should not have to explain that one.  How is giving him a cybernetic knee brace ripping off Iron Man????  Maybe we should just say something else stupid like Iron Man was a rip off of Metropolis.  So any comic character that uses any type of technologically engineered devices is ripping off Iron Man....makes sense.

3. Bane was not Talia's henchman, they had a love and a bond to one another.  She had him freed from the Lazarus Pit. Again I will point out these films were a trilogy so the story went full circle and led back to the League of is that a rip off?????  He started with Ra's death and finished with the revenge of his daughter.

4. Wtf is a police chopper supposed to against the is used for surveillance, it was not an armed attack chopper...and if you have flown a basic heli or even been inside of one, you will know that there is no way it could keep up to a fictional vehicle like the Bat.

5. Pitons???  Seriously??  He was thrown on the verge of death with a severed spinal disc into a prison, where would he get pitons from, the rock climbing shop next door?  As for the rope, if you watch before he climbs, he adjusts the rope and ties it in a fashion to dampen the snap and avoid full injury.  It does still look like it hurt like hell, which is why he has to let time pass before he tries to climb again.

6.  I am not sure why the Batcave was supposed to be new....please explain.  He was retired for 8 years and had not been in there...I am sure Alfred may have maintained the cave, but renovate it?  I did have an issue with his computer in the cave, after 8 years the database, chips and boards would have been obsolete :P

7. This was Nolan's personal rendition and imagining of Batman.  He made Bane without the venom. he made a Robin that goes by a different name, he made the Lazarus Pit a prison.....things were different because that is how he wanted them.  That is like telling a musician that the lyrics to a song they wrote are wrong. It is art.

PS I am a Marvel fan, but appreciate all comics/films.  I also believe Avengers was as near perfection as any comic film will reach. 

RantMaster 7/26/2012 9:26:47 AM

 Awesome movie overall but Nolan still cant film a fight scene to save his life.  Batman never throws a single kick at Bane and just punches like he's John Wayne for crying out loud.  Next iteration better have some killer  fighting to go along with the stellar drama that Nolan was able to acheive.  Hire Jet Li or even Steven Segal to choreograph the fights for crying out loud.  

DarthoftheDead 7/26/2012 10:26:05 AM

@fatpantz - its very easy to see how a Director can rip himself off as I already tried to explain, but since you ask.......

1- sorry about all those posts but everytime I tried to write all that in 1 post, this site lost it(I tried 2x before deceiding to do it in small dose's, I'm not the only one this has happened to , so dont blame me, Blame Mania, lol....

2- Nolan use's many things already used in the other Bat" a storm is rising"(from B.B.) the camo tumblers, also from B.B., not that thats not his right, but its Lazy story telling....maybe ripped off is to strong a term for you, so lets say copyed himself......

3 - He's frigging Batman, but he cant make makeshift pitons in a place where they obviously had Rope and Rocks and Metal......dont see what so unclear about that

4-The police copter couldve maybe sorta/kinda at least FOLLOW HIM, if it couldnt "Keep up"(Lazy story telling again), I said nothing about combat

5- I have no problem with saying Iron Man ripped off Metropolis, cause all sci fi movies since then has,,,,just like Aliens is a copy of Robert Heinleins "Starship Troopers" read it and then get back to me, lol

6 - Yeah, where was Waynes "Clean Energy Reactor" before??? It was in Iron Man...I'll concede I'm over doing it with the Leg Brace.....

7 - I would think that after the Raging Inferno, I saw in B.B. the Bat Cave sustained Some damage and we need to be rebuilt along with Wayne Manor

8 - Are you seriously telling me that you thought it was a Smart Idea sending all those cops into the sewers??? Cause if you do....I have a Bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell a super cheap price, lol

9 - If that was the Lazarus Pit, then someone needs to go back the comics and READ THEM.........

10 - oh, so Bane wasnt Talia's henchman....he was just somebody who did her bidding even though their debt to each other(In my eye's) was already repaid.... 

millean 7/26/2012 11:11:27 AM

OK, here are some responses to some points/questions.

SPOILERS (That may be my last spoiler warning now that we're a week in...)

I think there were at least two Bats (one grey, one black).  If you remember Lucuis saying to Bruce, "and yes, it does also come in Black."  I had already wondered about that.  Then gopher pointed out the fact of the engineers sitting in the one after the explosion, so there must have been more than one (or at the very least a simulator).

The Bat did have an EMP gun, so if the police chased him he could have just zapped them.  (Probably would have just outrun the helicopters, though, as not to harm anyone.)

Maybe Bane did have posession of the other Bat during No Man's Land, but just didn't use it.  For the same reason he didn't storm Wayne Manor.  Now whatever the hell those reasons were, beats the heck outta me because I don't have a clue there.  :)

Commissioner Gordon was going to rat himself and Dent out.  Batman would have only been in better public standing after his retirement speech-to-be.  Bats would have gone from a murderer to simply a cover-up guy.

None of the good guys except Batman knew where the Bat was during NML.  Even if they did, Bruce would have likely been the only one who would have known how to fly it.  In any event, they flew the bomb out mere minutes have they had posession of it.  (After Bats stopped for some kissy face time with Selina, cause hey, he's Batman.)  :)


The movie did have some flaws, don't get me wrong.  I just don't see why any of the above would be major sticking points for anyone, even if you dismiss my theories.  And, for what it is worth, I enjoyed Avengers more than TDKR, but not TDK.

shac2846 7/26/2012 11:18:45 AM

 It's cool Darth everybody has an opinion, I just really enjoyed TDKR and the whole trilogy for that matter. Filmmakers do borrow or copy from themselves, Steven Spielberg has said this in numerous interviews and I'm quoting "I steal from myself all the time." And while you have some points I have issues with a few. 

Using the tumblers wasn't ripping off anything they've been around since the beginning. It was perfectly logical and even a great use of plot that the machines he paid to have built were stolen and used by the bad guys against him and the city. I mean it was pretty clear from BB that Ra's didn't have the same access to stuff that Wayne had. Also I don't know if you noticed but there were two new different types of tumplers in the film. They altered their design and gave them new weaponary for the very reason your complaining about. I bought the making of the trilogy book yesterday and he talks about the new tumblers. Also if he were ripping off the tumbler idea why not have batman just get into a new tumbler instead of getting a completely new ride, the bat!  

In one of your previous posts you mentioned you thought Nolan was making fun of the US with the class warfare thing. I really, really don't think that was the case at all. First many of the story points in TDKR were from A Tale of Two Cities. (This is why Gordan read the lines from the book at the end, it was Nolan's acknowledgement that Dickens book had similar plot threads). We aren't the only country experiencing the class warfare issue and in countries like Spain, Greece, Italy, France, etc they are experiencing it much worse. TDKR was an allegory for our times but more importantly if you watch the trilogy as a whole it seemed like the natural progression of the story, at least to me. He tackled the subject with class I thought. I have just about every magazine and book that Nolan has done interviews in and he does not at all strike me as a guy who hates the US or would even poke jabs at the country. He has duel citizenship and he chooses to live here and it seems like he has a lot more respect for making movies and his audience than most filmmakers (cough: Michael Bay) Even thought there is a very vocal minority that hate his guts.  

I think any marvel zombie or person who saw Avengers at random and fell in love with it is going to find a reason to hate TDKR. I'm not saying that at you Darth just in general. I enjoyed both and I'm going to remember this summer because it's likely we won't get another good one like this for awhile. 

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