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tjanson 7/20/2012 10:13:46 AM

I think that's the key hooked...Maybe its the nature of Batman but I'd say its more the style of Nolan's filmmaking.  The films are good...but you don't walk away FEELING good.  You don't walk out of the theater's with the same sort of exhiliration as in the Avengers or other recent Marvel films.  Perhaps the greatest such feeling I ever had was after seeing Superman 2.  I saw it then went back later the same day and saw it again.  Cheesy?  Maybe but who didn't love seeing Superman return to the diner and take the bully down or fly with the replacement Flag for the whitehouse or go nuts when he crushed Zod's hand.  now THAT was a comic book movie.

nightwingDG 7/20/2012 10:14:26 AM

 First off, what happened in Colorado is such a shame. Just so senseless. There really are some crazy people in this world.


As for the movie, it was okay, imo. The beginning was boring, waiting for batman to come out of retirement. Some of emotional scenes, of which I felt there were too many, were kind of corny. Bane was okay, he had a few good moments. Anne Hathaway was better than I expected, but still not great. I think Catwoman could've been used better. Batman was hardly in the film. I agree that it felt bloated and long. I really think Nolan and co took themselves too seriously. And I won't even address the problems I had with its lack of any semblance to dc's bat-universe. Cbm's are supposed to be fun and this was not. I was very underwhelmed.

Hookedonavengers2012 7/20/2012 10:17:03 AM

 I am not trying to be cruel or insensitive butwe cant let some tard change us either. and quite honestly the theatre owners and the movie folks are going to be financial victims to this act also. 


shac2846 7/20/2012 10:20:09 AM

  But were there suppose to be those moments tjanson? If you have seen the other Nolan bat films he clearly was not aiming for the same thing Whedon was and I don't think that's a bad thing. They are apples and oranges. I mean I picked Empire magazine this month (the TDKR issue) and there is an article about the avengers and Kevin Fiege said they are not going to focus on Tony's alcoholism no demon in a bottle on the horizon. Granted you don't need to harp on it or anything like that but Fiege is like we're just really afraid to go there. I think Nolan should be credited for having balls to do some things other filmmakers won't. To go into territory darker territory that is taboo by others. That's just me though.

Hookedonavengers2012 7/20/2012 10:20:12 AM

 I agree tjanson wholeheartedly....

Hookedonavengers2012 7/20/2012 10:24:13 AM

 I go to be entertained...watching misery is not entertaining for me and doesnt lift me up. To that end I enjoy the comicbook experience that was Avengers and like tjanson said Super II for examples..

tjanson 7/20/2012 10:25:24 AM I understand that's not what Nolan was going for.  Me personally, I want comic book movies to provide me with the kind of thrills that I got when I first started reading comics in the 70s.  I mean I don't want the Adam West Batman in theaters but even Miller's Dark Knight Returns had its exhilerating moments.

Hookedonavengers2012 7/20/2012 10:27:55 AM

 I disagree dalgoda...It has to matter to Warners they have a lot to lose so do the theatre owners. But we can still keep a perspective on the conversations we would normally have here in these threads...

And I am no Warners fan by any

Hookedonavengers2012 7/20/2012 10:31:39 AM

 I liked Bats II but I was a big Heath fan though... :(

Shogunn2517 7/20/2012 10:32:02 AM

Yeah, I'm sorry, I don't get it.  Maybe because I am such a Batman fan but why does everyone say this was a "perfect" ending?  It was like the exact opposite.







He killed Batman!  WTF?  How the hell do you kill Batman?  He's Batman!  Even if you want to be tricked into thinking he survived a nuclear bomb just because Alred WANTED to see him at the resturant, then you'd have to believe HE LEFT GOTHAM!  Bruce Wayne would NEVER leave Gotham.  And beyond that, the suggestion that just some dude can be Batman too devalues who Bruce actually is.  He isn't just SOME DUDE.  He's the greatest detective in the world.  His body is a temple of excellence.  He's completely dedicated to his cause(which is why he'd never quite and leave).  Moreover, why are they creating a statue for Batman?  He's wearing a mask for a reason.  He doesn't want credit.  That's kind of the point of wearing a mask.  And in the 70 years of Batman, did he ever reveal his secret identity to Gordon?

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