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hanso 9/22/2012 5:02:14 PM

 Momitchel, I read awhile back that they needed $50 mil in the US to get a sequel.  Looks like a $5 to $7 mil weekend so its going to be tough.  Hopefully people turn out.

thezillaman 9/23/2012 12:07:49 AM

 fuck i just got back from watching the new dredd, it was way cooooooool and hard core. way more than what i thought it was going to be. thats cool all the haters can just sit this one out so what. this idiot that made the review,  if he tells you poop tastes good are you going to eat it just because he said it taste good? some of you here are just so lame makes me laugh.... this movie is well worth the time and money.. the rest of you cheapos can wait for twilight...

thezillaman 9/23/2012 12:24:54 AM

 @XeroWarp, on second thoughg don't worrie im sure your local theater is still showing Magic Mike for you, and all the other haters too.

vitieddie 9/23/2012 6:22:16 AM

 I liked stallone's version ... but will watch this anyway ... i suspect most of us will

thezillaman 9/24/2012 12:30:59 AM

 what will it take to make you people happy?  i don't get it. dredd is a great film and it got no love. is there any real fans left in the world? action fans, sci- fi fans !! what's going on here. these people work hard just as we do. we need to show them that we care and thank them for bringing us a good film. instead all i hear is its a rental i pass and the review to start with is for shit. don't ask for good movies if you cant suport the film makers and show some love. i bet though you so called fans will flock to se the twilight crap fest no doubt.. this is sad and i hope that the film makers still continue to work hard and to bring us more great films and to keep us entertained. and to the film makers its not your fault people can't see a good film even if it hits them right in the face. now'n days there is a new trend i call it the cry baby syndrome, so i hope you don't give up on us the real fans that do suport your hard work and good film making..

Wes1970 9/24/2012 1:26:03 AM

 Wow an amazing movie!! For those of you on the fence to go see it I would say its one of the best comic transitions I've ever seen. The very fact that they did this whole movie with the lead in full costume(no torn masks or damaged helmet as an excuse to get out of it) is unheard of.  As for the earlier Judge Dredd movie which I liked as well, there is no real comparison.  Other than the same title character they are totally different kinds of movies. What we get here is a day in the life of Dredd. lol and what a day! I hope it does do well enough they can green light a second one. Besides a movie like this doing well will help pave the way for characters like Lobo or Deadpool. 

goirish83 9/24/2012 9:12:39 AM

I am in 100% agreement with thezillaman and Wes1970..................this freaking movie kicked ass.  I liked it better than TDKR.  Awesome comic adeptation, and very true to the source material.  Karl Urban nailed this role.  3-D effects were awesome, and I am NOT a fan of 3-D.  Anyone on the fence, GO SEE IT !!  Do not compare this with Stallone's version, because there is no comparison.  This movie stayed true to the source, lots of action, great story, and no comic relief.

Rob, yet another review failure.

@the zillaman, you hit the nail right on the head with a lot of the "maniacs", they are never happy regardless of what is made, and always find something to bitch about.  And the way that a lot of them disregard a movie based on one of Rob's lame-ass reviews kills me.  It's like no one can judge (pun intended), for themselves.  This is a true comic book movie.

Also saw "End of Watch" this weekend, another great flick.

momitchell7 9/24/2012 9:58:08 AM

This is how much Karl Urban nailed Dredd... Less than half way through the film you completely forget that Karl Urban is even playing Judge Dredd - you're simply watching Judge Dredd play himself.

It really was that good of a depiction.

Wiseguy 9/24/2012 10:48:13 AM

You guys are a bunch of retards and sheep if you claim this pice of garbage to be good filmmaking. Pure schlock and a waste of time made for the zombified consumers ready to jump at anything movie studios put out. Bunch of brain dead, simple minded morons that probably only liked this because of the kindergarten level storyline. Anything more may have been too much for all you fools.............haha ;) j.k.

Ha I loved this movie, the 3D which as most know I'm a big fan, the slo-mo which as most know I'm a big fan, the gore and violence which as most know I'm a big fan of. there's nothing to dislike here. Come people like zillaman said let's get out there and support this if nothing else do it for the respect it showed the source material (going by others' comments since I never read the books)

Then again you all snubbed John Carter, one of the grandaddies of sci/fi so I don't expect much from the mostly shit talking so called fanboys

See zillaman you got me going too

Btw I enjoyed the film so much I exited the theater doing the Gangnam Style dance all the way to my car

hanso 9/24/2012 11:42:57 AM

 Boorish, end of Watch was good but I would've preferred a traditional flick as opposed to the found footage/documentary look.  I also really hated the ending, it pissed me off.  But very good flick nonetheless.

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