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doublec 8/17/2012 1:58:03 AM

 I've always said the trailer for these films should simply line these guys up, make each one step up in turn to a microphone, and have each one try to pronounce the word "Expendables".

violator14 8/17/2012 2:31:15 AM

 What a great read!! Helped put the right perspective into this. Glad they did this before any of these guys kicked the bucket too. They really need seagal tho to make my nostalgia of the 80's actionness complete..... Then and only then, may they get old, and eat til they get SO fat that someone gets the urge to hold them hostage, sew up their butthole, feed them to death, and write "Gluttony" on the wall.

jedibanner 8/17/2012 5:17:16 AM

I glenced at the review and I'm glad it delivers on what it tries to show, great action movie and I can't wait for this....heck, I'm more anxious to see this movie then Batman (YES, I SAID IT).

stonedtodeath 8/17/2012 5:38:24 AM

I agree with violator...these expendables are great....but isn't Seagal the baddest 80's action icon.  I'd add Kurt Russel in there for his performances as Snake Plisken.  Maybe Seagal could be the villain in the third installment, because if there is one thing I know it's that Hollywood loves money and if the sequel makes know

aegrant 8/17/2012 5:39:38 AM

 Let's try this again, (really what is up with this site lately? wouldn't even load yesterday)

Rob, you could have given this movie a F- and i would still go see it this weekend, that is how much i liked the first one.

I try to explain to my son that these were the kinds of action flicks I watched as a kid, he just nods and goes back to playing the PS3.

Whiskeymovie 8/17/2012 6:06:45 AM

Uber Pumped for this....on my way to the 11:00am shoing at AMC....bring on the 80's style action and body count!!!

ElBaz13 8/17/2012 6:16:34 AM


Good choice. After seeing those disappointing fight scenes between Bane and Bats, this will more than make up for it in probably the first 10 minutes.

At least we know, if Chuck Norris hurts his leg in this movie, he won't need a steel prostthetic to come back and kick some ass.

TheStormrider 8/17/2012 6:30:47 AM

Everyone keeps forgetting Michael Jai White.  Put him in the film.  He's still the man.

Muenster 8/17/2012 7:08:12 AM

Saw it last night. Norris makes three appearances in the film, a famous meme about him is referenced, as are several titles of the films he was in

Expendables 2 was not as good as the first one, but it was a lot funnier.

monkeyfoot 8/17/2012 7:42:52 AM

Haven't read the review. Will see this this weekend.

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