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DarthoftheDead 8/17/2012 1:11:34 PM

 Wiseguy -

Wiseguy 8/17/2012 1:13:32 PM

I'm gonna start my own TDKR back treatment clinic in my garage. I'll string you up on a rope and punch the fukk out of your spine then let you hang there til you're healed and ready to do some push-up and sit-ups.

This shit felt like Rocky 3. Bruce Wayne may as well have been chasing chickens around that jail, then put a montage of him doing push-ups to get ready for the rematch.

And wait a 10 year old girl can make a jump that Batman himself can't. How about a little running start doofus. How about the guy holding the rope, do they pay him for that. It looked like an amusement park ride and he's the ticket collector then straps you in in the chair

Wiseguy 8/17/2012 1:17:31 PM

And I've never known Bats to be so pussy whooped that he'd give a thieving, kidnapping murderer a free pass. But then again he spent 8 years crying over some stank ho, this is just not my grandaddy's Batman

DarthBob 8/17/2012 1:25:36 PM

@wise, you speak the truth!  TDKR was an epic POS in so many ways. 

Mythos 8/17/2012 1:45:04 PM

@higgy no i get the 80's portion of it i grew up watching them but damn man im a former ranger it drives me nuts to see people shooting a weapon from the hip in a action movie set with suppose former military operators! i'm sorry the military ruined action movies like this for me i tell ya! I end up screaming most of the time up and down range you idiot half the time!

Mythos 8/17/2012 1:47:15 PM

hanso i think he was a instructor for ballet in that one if i'm not mistaken and hard target was just bad-ass! don't get me wrong i love the classics just not this one.

Mythos 8/17/2012 1:55:45 PM

wise cmon man give bats a break dude his money went down the toilet with ours in wall street! dc pretty much has raped the batman franchise to hell and after schumacher man this is a masterpiece!

VTGamehendge 8/17/2012 2:02:19 PM

Trying to go see this on Sunday with my dad, circumstances permitting.  My sister's in the hispital right now trying to pop out her first spawn.  He's being a typical stubborn Italian...

Mythos 8/17/2012 2:05:55 PM

congrats! vt hope all goes well!

VTGamehendge 8/17/2012 2:06:40 PM

Wise, I don't know if you have Netflix, but the first Expendables is available for instant streaming.

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