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wish 6/23/2011 8:53:19 AM

A bad movie is worse than no movie because it shelves the idea of the character being on film, though in today's film industry it's only a few years before they reboot, but a character like Green Lantern may not be in enough demand to warrant a reboot, so sadly for most fans and fanboys, a bad film for a character like this means no more live-action films........having said that I loved this movie and plan on seeing it again tomorrow, the feeling I get from most who've seen it is the same so with a little more luck we may just get a sequel that hopefully is better received. 

PhantomBat27 6/23/2011 11:03:11 AM

Indeed Wish, well said. I think we fans of the Green Lantern film have some hope for a sequel, after all, G.I. Joe is getting one.

jedibanner 6/23/2011 1:30:33 PM

There will be a sequel for sure.

Worse movies have had sequels made (Hulk, GI Joe, Punisher, etc...) . The budget might be extremelly lower then the 200M. but for sure a sequel will be made.

JacenBlade 6/24/2011 9:04:25 PM

All this talk reminds me of the furor over the recent Punisher movie.  A movie I thought was hokey at times but really the best and closest portrayal you will ever see of Frank Castle on film.  I really liked it.  Critics and "fan boys" alike savaged it. 

When Green Lantern came out every review that I peeked at was obviously a negative review.  I never read them through but got the gist and saw many negative comments left here by members.  I went to the movie tonight with an open mind but expected everyone else's opinion to be validated.  Funny thing is, it never happened for me.  I really, really enjoyed this movie.  Sure, maybe Ryan Reynolds was a little too quippy but overall I thought he did a nice job.  I'm not going to point to anyone in particular but once again I am astounded by the genre fans ability to pile on.  Sure it would be nice if every genre movie was LOTR or DK but just because a movie doesn't rise to the level of those films (and history has shown not many do) it shouldn't keep you from enjoying it just the same.  Lighten up people and have a good time.  Some of the members here who kicked Green Lantern to the curb sang the praises of Tron Legacy, quite possibly the worst film I have seen in 10 years.  Go figure. 

KLA1A 6/26/2011 1:22:50 AM

I saw GL last night and was happy that I ignored the critics. I have been buying comics since they were 12 cents each, so am familiar with far more characters than I would expect young readers to be (at $3 -$4 each). Given that, I expected a big part of this movie to be an introduction to GL for many of the viewers. In this I felt the film succeeded.

 In less than two hours they introduced the Guardians, GL, and the present and future bad guys. At the same time they managed to get a story told that provided a need for the GL Corp and their abilities. That save from the gravity issue showed the acceptance of Hal by the Corp. We all got the CGI we went looking for. The result was that, for me, the movie was entertaining. I liked it!

Personally, I think that DC might have done better by giving us Justice League first, to introduce the lesser known heroes and heroines, then doing separate character movies based the separate characters. Merchandising sales after the JL movie could identify the best choices for the individual character movies. Just a thought and I want the JL movie.

Beardeer 6/27/2011 7:18:22 PM

Good movie! I liked this one quite a bit. All over the place? Sure, sector 2318 is vast. Comic books have an unlimited scope. Comic book movies should be the same. If his character arc were like a one-tone haiku of cinematic precission and clarity, it would merely be a human story, not Superhuman. Bring on the sequels!

Beardeer 6/27/2011 7:21:43 PM

Also, my wife liked it. That is to say, the girl that came to the comic book movie with me. That is a sign of broad appeal.

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