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iceknight52 6/17/2011 6:17:23 AM

In all honesty, besides a few Batman movies, Blade, Superman 2 and Ironman all other superhero movies have been bordering on the level of "eh, it's okay" or "man that sucked." Still sidelined about how everyone thought Thor was that good. The bottom line, comic books live well in the world of print with huge pecks and big boobs, bright colors and no boundaries of reality. The second you put them on the silverscreen you lose your color palette and start to hear comments like, "that's not real," "oh that looks so fake" or my favorite "there is no way he could have survived that." I'd honestly prefer Hollywood to tap the brakes on super hero movies and focus on original material. I've grown up with comics and am getting sick and tired that some of my favorite characters are getting torched due to the silverscreen. Yes that is directed at Marvel just as much as DC.

lazerman 6/17/2011 6:18:01 AM

going to see it tonight, SCREW THE HATERS!  IN BRIGHTEST DAY!

OBIWANSAGE 6/17/2011 6:24:58 AM


As the trend goes for movie reviews on this site, a C- is like an A in my book. Why? One word Transformers.  One and two. How bad was the review on this site for that movie and it was awesome. People complaining about to much CGI, CRY ME A FLIPPING RIVER!!!! 

Like Tevii said BRING ON THE SEQUEL!!! 

ElBaz13 6/17/2011 6:38:09 AM

22% on Rotten Tomatoes. Ouch.

It's too bad. I'm more of a Marvel fan than DC therefore not really much inspired to see this film. But, I don't listen to critics for movies like this anyhow. I still liked FF, FF:Silver Surfer and Ang Lee's Hulk so I'm pretty open to accept a low rated movie. My only problem is cash. ha ha ha! With some many movies this summer and so limited funds, I have to be very selective.

My only beef about this low rating means doom at the box office. Probably a high 1st weekend but major drop on the second weekend. And low box office returns = killing a chance of getting a JLA project going. Seriously, there would not be an Avengers movie shooting right now had Iron Man been a box office failure and critically panned. GL is supposed to be the test for DC Universe movies and it failed (critically) and most probably at the box office.

ObiWannaJones 6/17/2011 7:15:38 AM

You guys were all haters from the beginning because it is from DC.  Yes, it could have been better. Stand alone, this is a kick ass film. 

Lets be honest and list some of the Marvel CRAP that has hit the screen. For every Iron Man, there has been a Daredribble, Electratramp, Fantastic Spraytan Alba, X-Limp 3, and all the Punishusforpayingtoseethis movies.

Lsn22s 6/17/2011 7:16:33 AM

Between this and the Wonder Woman debacle, DC is butchering their hopes of a successful JLA movie/franchise...I was already kind of "meh" from the trailers, although a couple looked pretty good tho as well...but with pretty much universally bad reviews from all different types of reviewers from all different types of sources this seems like one I will probably not hit the theatres for...almost definitely...wonder what this will mean for that Deadpool movie???

as far as DC I'm just looking ahead to Bats 3 and Man Of Steel...if they get those right I will be more than happy...

as for Marvel, great to be a fanboy these days....loved Thor and First Class...can't wait for CAP!!!!!! and Spidey and Avengers next summer! Yessir!!!!

DC fans, don't let a couple misses f*ck your heads up...u guys got the whole new-school bat-trilogy to brag about, and I have a feeling Man of Steel  could be pretty sweet too (and I LOVED Watchmen & V for Vendetta personally, although not DC canon)...someone tell DC to make a Black Lightning movie, I don't know a ton about the character but his costume and power set would be BADASS onscreen...and what's up with that Super Max film that was being talked about??? That would be SICK!!!

jedibanner 6/17/2011 7:37:51 AM

EIBaz13, sometimes it's one thing not to listen to critics but when the general populace (lie Rotten tomatoes which even then I don't put much faith in it) doesn't like a movie, it's maybe because it is a bad movie in play and not just a fluke.

I'm a Marvel guy but I did love the new Batman, hated the Superman Return and this GL I have no interest but listening to the critics AND the general people, this movie ain't good at all.

And for DC to not take a bit of the experience that Marvel has done in their movies, it's too bad because maybe in the long long future a JLA movie would've been nice but if that's the road they are taking, DC gets what they deserve.

Lsn22s 6/17/2011 7:38:47 AM

Hey u guys shouldn't turn this into a DC vs. Marvel thing...both sides have good movies and a bunch of crap too...and several are debatable like the Spidey movies that tend to really polarize people (my buddy and I argued pretty hard over which was the best of the first 2, not much debate on 3 lol) or the X-Men films which have a very up-and-down track record....but Iron Man was good, Iron Man 2 was pretty good  (could have been better of course), Incredible Hulk was good, Thor was good, Blade 1 and 2 were good, Spidey 2 was good, 1st punisher was OK....FF sucked twice, Daredevil was not that great, never saw Elektra, Punisher movies not so great, Spidey 3 and Blade 3 were pretty bad, Ang Lees Hulk was OK-to-Meh-to-bad in some parts, classic Hulk TV show...oh yeah and a crappy old-ass Cap movie from way-back and a crappy Blade TV show...

DC has 2 good Bat movies, 2 stellar bat movies, 1 meh and 1 GOD AWFUL...Jonah Hex was horrible....Catwoman was horrible...Wonder Woman FAILED...Green Lantern is FAIL-ing (at least critically), Watchmen was good, V for vendetta was good, Superman returns was Meh, 2 classic old Supes filcks, 2 crappy old Supes flicks, Smallville is mostly good from my understanding, and classic old Wonder Woman series...

 That leaves what? 9 good marvel productions, 8 good DC productions, and a WHOLE BUNCH of crap on both I know I'm probably missing some for both companies and my 9 to 8 is not definite...just trying to say...the two companies track records with movies is pretty close overall, no point in bickering...everyone is going to get a steaming turd here or there lol...loosen up u guys!!!!


Kadet2002 6/17/2011 7:43:23 AM

I still think DC has a chance. With Nolan finishing Batman? and also producing the new Superman, we might have an Avengersesque storyline coming through, just like Favreau and Iron Man. The new Superman movie will be the tell all as to how DC will recover from Green Lantern.

I thought Thor was great. It followed the comics to a T. I just think that people are not as familiar with Thor as all of the other Marvel characters. But just wait until The Avengers. Thor will be given more credit once we see him in action against, fingers crossed, Thanos.

Lsn22s 6/17/2011 8:01:04 AM

Okay, I wrote that last comment fast to get it done and noticed my count was a bit off, i would add 2 to 3 X-movies to the good marvel side (X1, X2 and first Class), and I left out the Flash TV show, which I don't know if it was good or my good-Marvel count would be a bit higher but like I said its not 9 bad DC productions, and 11 bad Marvel 8-9 good DC productions and 11-12 good marvel productions....Marvel has put out a bit more stuff at this point but has about the same track record in quality...and the lists can be debated/adjusted forever but it makes no's too close to call...anyone who says different is just a d*ck trying to defend their fanyboyism...

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