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vitieddie 7/13/2012 12:24:59 AM

No choice but to watch this in the weekend - oh well

Hookedonavengers2012 7/13/2012 10:08:26 AM

 lol....Bless your heart Viti...I did see Madgascar with all my grandkids a few weeks ago and I liked it even though the penguins were always the only thing I liked about those movies. I enjoyed it alot.

The funniest line was "Extra virgin olive oil is extra flammable!' My daughter said really dad as I chuckled a

jsmulligan 7/13/2012 10:33:52 AM

 Maybe it's not so much that they can't be bothered to find better, it's that there aren't that many options presented.  How many good, quality family movies get made?  Usually they're aimed at the lowest common denominator and it gets gobbled up as the only choice alongside a slew of R-rated films.

shac2846 7/13/2012 7:09:39 PM

 vitieddie you should go see brave instead. The kids will love and you may enjoy it also. Probably more than ice age 4.

zalder 7/13/2012 11:25:13 PM

Jsmulligan..with books, and old movies that can be bought or rented and watched or actually going places and doing stuff..there is no excuse to watch subpar stuff like this...

vitieddie 7/16/2012 9:12:01 PM

I've seen both Shac ... I'm a movie HO ... lol



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