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irockdiesel 5/3/2013 12:10:38 AM

I JUST got finished watching it.  I can DEFINITELY tell Shane Black had a hand in writing it because his Lethal Weapon dialogue banter plays throughout.  I agree with the grade.  It's not as good as the first, but definitely better than the second.  The big reveal after the closing credits, to me, doesn't set up the "next-big-thing" like every other movie did so don't expect much.  Good night ladies and gents...

kennynine 5/3/2013 12:49:23 AM

I loved "Avengers", "Iron Man", and "Thor." I liked "Iron Man 2" and "Captain America." Sad to say, I think "Iron Man 3" is terrible.  

This flick was a poorly executed slap-stick comedy/action movie. Some of the one liners were hilarious, and the free fall scene was exhilarating. RDJ was awesome as always and Ben Kingsley was great in his role. But the rest of the movie was garbage in my opinion. Border line Michael Bay BS complete with huge plot holes and leaps in logic. Dumb action sequences. Example: Remember the scene in "Revenge of The Fallen", where one of the stupid "twins" was swinging around on  "Devastators" crane cables? Or the scene in the Indiana Jones Crystal Skull movie where they are swinging on Vines with monkeys? Well, there is a scene involving "Iron Patriot" reminiscent of those moments. 

I did enjoy the ambitious twist, I just wish it was woven into a better movie. 

DarthBob 5/3/2013 5:24:40 AM

It was just OK for me; I found it to be the least of the three. The whole Iron Patriot thing was contrived and added nothing to the movie. The twist didn't work for me; it was silly and poorly executed. Tony Stark was reduced to being a goofball in this movie and I didn't buy the green beret infiltration soldier sequence. Stark has PTSD and freaks out at the mere mention of NYC by a kid and is not a trained soldier then infiltrates the Mandarin's mansion with a bunch of MacGyver type weapons. Some of the jokes were funny but many simply fell flat. I thought Guy Pearce was a great villain and I liked the Extremis soldiers, they were rather BA!. There were some great action sequences. The midair rescue sequence was intense and one of the best parts of the movie. And there was too much product placement; at some points in the movie it felt like a commercial than a movie. The after credits scene was dumb and a waste of time. I rate it a C.

Wiseguy 5/3/2013 5:51:53 AM

Caught the IM marathon. It was great seeing them all on the big screen again with The Avengers. I thought the film was great and rivals the first 2 and include part 2 because I think that film has been wrongfully maligned


I thought everything worked. Tony having issues and working himself through them. The villain part I thought was excellently done. So Aldrich is the Mandarin but got a drugged up "out of it" delusional watched up actor to give the character a face. But Killian is the Mandarin and behind all the evil acts committed

The action sequences top both previous IM films by a mile. And the shit gets real with a lot of jokers dying.

In the comics there's an arc with suicide bombers injected by the next thing after IM which makes them bombs, It was an Ezekiel Stane plan used to try and bring Starks down. The bombers were very reminiscent of the film. There's also an arc where Mandarin is working as a scientist before revealing himself and I thought the Killian story here used that as inspiration.


Film gets an A from me. Best superhero film since Avengers

Wiseguy 5/3/2013 5:55:04 AM


Oh yeah and going back to the beginning to Bern and tie it up with the cat from the original film was pretty cool.

And I have to admit to diggin what they did with Peppers. Turned her into a badass for a little while.

I am wondering if he was able to stabilize the extremis so it can heal only or if Pepper remains a superhuman.

SmokingFrog77 5/3/2013 6:28:44 AM

One of the few times I disagree with Rob, and agree with some of the more critical comments here. I enjoyed it, it was better than IM2, but I'd probably give it a C . Yes, very well written, very funny, and great performances from all the leads. BUT: Tony Stark the commando - stupid. Rhodes shooting out steel cables with a handgun - stupid. The whole final action sequence was unnecessarily ridiculous and OTT. The "polarising twist" was a wonderfully humourous moment which highlighted just why Ben Kingsley is so highly regarded, BUT completely undermined The Mandarin as a character, who is supposed to be Iron Man's be-all-end-all foe, and to reduce him to actually being an American bio-tech mogul who can breathe fire (WTF? - the whole Extremis Powerz thing was way OTT in my opinion) with so little to link him back to the first film or explore (or even acknowledge) the mystery and mysticism around the actual character was very disappointing I felt.

SmokingFrog77 5/3/2013 6:29:23 AM

Sorry, I meant to say I gave it a C plus.


monkeyfoot 5/3/2013 7:03:59 AM

Not reading the review or anybody's comments. Will see it tomorrow.

ddiaz28 5/3/2013 7:11:14 AM

Taking the wife to see it tomorrow as well. 

redhairs99 5/3/2013 7:56:02 AM

Caught this last night, and yes there will be SPOILERS in my comments so scroll right passed if you don't want to read them.



I thought the film was great fun and I loved the twist with The Mandarin, or I should say half-loved it.  I totally didn't see the turn with Ben Kingsely, and I loved, loved it!  However, the reveal at the end by Guy Pierce was plan weak.  There shoul dhave been a reveal at the end to show the "real" Mandarin (even in the shadows) that he's been running things from the get go.  That should have been the end credit scene. Though I did like the bit with Tony and Bruce.  Honestly at this point, there's no real reason to add end credit scenes in Marvel's flicks that set anything up.  They served that purpose with Phase One where they had to tell people "we're building to Avengers."  Now, they can just have fun with the end scenes.

Overall I thought the film was nearly as great as the first one.  I'm a sucker for a good origin flick and that's probably what gives the first the edge in my mind.  The first one loses points because while Jeff Bridges was great in the role, I thought the evil was pretty weak.  Granted I've never been an Iron Man fan until the first movie, so I didn't have any pre-conceived ideas going in.


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