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wstage 5/9/2013 9:29:15 AM

 Ironman 3, okay wow. I feel bad starting on this site with a pretty negative post but after reading the opinions on this film so far I must proclaim my view aloud. Ironman 3 sucked really bad!!!!!!!!

I will begin by clearly stating that I am not a comic fanatic, nor does the comic cannon of any of these types of films ever need to be perfectly accurate in my eyes. I am simply a fan of good epic action films. Of late, the super-hero genre has been really doing well. Especially the Marvel studio films (a shame I am a bigger fan of DC heros). I have really enjoyed all off the phase 1 films , obviously some I found much better than others. For the most part all of these films have been largly accurate to what they advertise (often better!). IM3 was the absolute worst of all of these films so far.

This film had far too many problems for my liking (and the Mandarin twist is not even one of them). My biggest issue was the overall tone of RDJ as Tony Stark in an overly slapstick comical approach. This was basically a Tony Stark comdey side show with an occasional appearance by Ironman. I mean this movie was barely even a comic hero movie to me. The story telling was very sloppy with lots of random aspects like Christmas and Melissa Hall which had really no place in this film. The films leaves a variety of loose ends and plot wholes that make the comedic aspects even more deplorable. The armor related physical comedy bits were very cartoonish and seemed to only be making only the 7 year olds laugh in my theater.

The movie seems to be a giant batch of wasted opportunities to incorporate connections to the greater MCU universe. They chose lame comedy and strange twists over other aspects that could have made this film far more epic and cohesive as a whole. I do not want to get into spoilers because they are discouraged on this forum, but the ending was absolutly abysmal. The only thing that disapointed me more than this film was the fact that so many people refer to it as a good movie. 

VTGamehendge 5/9/2013 9:40:14 AM

wstage, definitely have to agree with the ending.  Not so much the end action sequence (though it had its moments that made me groan), but the actual ending.  Left me feeling depressed, like it was the end of Iron Man.  Felt almost like I was losing a friend.  I mean, I'm not trying to get all sentimental or anything, not gonna cry and shit.  But that's the best way I can describe it.  I was just like, " can't end like thaaat."  I honestly think I would've come away with a slightly better opinion of the movie had the ending not depressed me so much.  Overall though, I did like it ok.  It just had too many negatives that I, like you, felt could have been done differently or just been teaked a bit and I could've given it an A instead of a B.  In sports terms, "They left a lot of points out on the field."

violator14 5/9/2013 2:45:19 PM

 Wstage- I agree with you 100% on ur take....100%

domino2008 5/9/2013 7:21:15 PM

I guess im in a small group here , i enjoyed the movie , though it seem to have Downey not in the Ironman armor 80 % of tthe movie , with him playing Stark  running around though out the movie.but have robots do the fighting for him  an also took the end  of Ironman also part of his negotiations over  His contact . I cant see anyone else but him in the role , and in the next Avenger movie . Another  bad thing i seen in all these Marvel movies are the actors dont want to wear their masks , i mean WTF ? Thor dont even wear his helment ! I do enjoy all theses movies an yeah they do change alot of details that "tick " all of us off .

caredskinfan 5/12/2013 10:51:15 PM

 Just thought I would bring this up. I've said it a lot about comic book movies, but why do they have to modify them so much IMO to suit a wide audience in order to appeal? If you tell a good story, set it up and make the audience believe them, you don't have to modify anything for a wider audience!  I understand changing the way a character looks as it might appear too goofy on film where it might not on paper, but when you take liberties and ruin a character to appeal to people who don't read comics irks me. A good story and characters needs no tweaking. 

Kaziklu 5/13/2013 9:35:56 AM

 The movie was full of metaphor, and gave potential and hints. 



The twist suggests that the Twist is less Twist then it is shown to be. 

The actor was given Plastic surgery.... why? to look more visually striking? or to look like someone or more like someone? 

Several times the "master" was referenced needlessly... was this a suggestion that they really were working in connection with someone? 

I am wondering if Ben Kingsley didn't want to commit to several movies so they wanted to give them selves the ability to recast if need be. 

But he did the job brilliantly... I means just wonderfully. 

Wiseguy 5/13/2013 9:54:11 AM

domino we're in the big group that liked the film.

I especially liked it because despite the twist they took a bunch from the comics as inspiration.

And we already knew they wanted to take Tony out of the suit and let him use his brain in more practical ways.

It's why the film held up so well on its second weekend

Kaziklu those questions will hopefully be answered in the future. I think what we saw is what it is but maybe there's more.


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