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ucfro 5/3/2013 6:39:24 PM

Saw IM3 this morning, and I liked it. Not as good as IM, but better than IM2.

It really kicks up the humor, which is right in RDJ's wheelhouse, so that came off good. Plenty of action as well. The plane sequence was fantastic! I also loved the twist. Wasn't expecting it, and I'm not sure anyone could have seen that coming. Well done! Though I am certain that will piss off big time Iron Man fans. Which I would totally understand. the people who think this movie was terrible. I really just hope that it is in the heat of the moment, because the bar was set so high. Cause really? Terrible? Go watch "Jack and Jill", "Highlander 2", "Land of the Lost", "Batman and Robin", "Mannequin 2"....cause those are terrible films. Awful films. IM3 may not have been as good as we had hoped, but It's still pretty damn fun. And still does many things well. Just saying you didn't like it, is reasonable. But, this movie was nowhere close to terrible.
End rant....

scoxocs 5/3/2013 6:49:32 PM

While I enjoyed it, and thought it was a lot of fun, I had a problem with the way they treated the main "villain" and with some of the plot holes.

I would bet that most would agree.

TheRiffs 5/3/2013 6:56:20 PM

I HATED what they did with the Madarin. All around an Ok movie but the whole "funny" twist was just heartbreaking not enjoyable.

kwsupes 5/3/2013 7:06:45 PM

 I saw the movie today and thought it was good. Iron Man 3 was way better than part 2. It does feel like Lethal Weapon had a train wreck with the Marvel universe, but it worked. IM3 felt like it was unique in the Marvel Universe. I was a little disappointed that the Mandarin didn't turn out to be as big of threat, but Ben Kingsley was so hilarious in the role that I really didn't mind. Plus Guy Pearce was really great as well. The film overall was definitely a throwback to the 80s way of making movies and I thought that was cool. Overall I agree with Rob's review.

ElBaz13 5/3/2013 7:47:31 PM

Holy s.hit! Relax on complaining about spoilers. This is an Iron Man review thread. The review is a spoiler in itself.  I saw this review this morning and did not jump on board discussing until I saw the movie. If you haven't seen the movie, then get the f.uck off from here and come back later when you all have seen it.

Just came back and I have to say it was good but the first one is still the best. It felt like a Tony Stark movie and not much Iron Man. It also felt Black ripped a lot from Nolan's Batman Begins (destroyed mansion, fake villain) and TDKR (too much Bruce Wayne, not enough Batman).

I love the fact they didn't completely seperate this movie from the Avengers. The small references to the events to even a scene from the movie and of course the post credits. Thank you for keeping it still in the same world. Even Killian referenced Thor. The dialogue rocked. Some credit comedic scenes. Gotta love the Air Force One scene too.

Ok, the twist. Hanso, you said a few days ago we would be throwing fits and all that. Partially right. When I saw that scene, it was truly a WTF moment. But, I forgot how f.ucked up it was because Ben Kingsley just stole it that whole scene. I love this guy. Can't believe he won an Oscar as Ghandi but then did a turd like that Uwe Bol movie. So he's not really the Mandarin. Why? Wasn't this movie shot in China and co-financed by Chinese? Marvel/Disney wanted to crack the Chinese market so why use the exact comic book version of the character (who was a terrible Chinese stereotype). Maybe that's why they changed it? Even if this was the Mandarin, who is to say another version can't appear in future Iron Man movies? These are movies about comic books and villains get many incarnations in their books, so why not movies as well? (Green Goblin/Hobgoblin, Baron Zemo, Trapster, etc...) What if the director of the next Iron Man movie is a fan of the classic version, he/she could easily create a new one. Not a big deal.

One thing. My kids were lost/bored. Maybe they didn't get it (they are 10 and 8) but they seem to have a better understanding of Avengers, Iron Man 2, Thor, Hulk and Captain America. So not sure if kids will enjoy it as much. There were a bunch of 10 year olds sitting next to me as well and they seemed restless at times.

Love the post credits. Not a build up for Avengers 2 but keeping it alive.

wormlander 5/3/2013 8:12:42 PM

While still being a perfectly entertaining action movie IM3 is not among Shane Black's strongest efforts to date. The action sequences were mostly great but the awkward attempts at 80's style comedy (which was introduced already in IM2), sadly misfired once again.

I was never a fan of comicbook Iron Man as a kid and I'm not a purist. However, while I do agree that turning the Mandarin into a fictional decoy could've proven quite effective, I severely disliked the outrageously campy, over-the-top performance by Kingsley. "Iron Man" and "The Avengers" are both fun AND funny. IM2 and 3 are sadly neither.

I strongly believe that Marvel needs to let Tony Stark rest for a while now, to let the audience build some actual demand for the character again. Don't get me wrong, I do love Robert Downey, but he's truly become too much of a good thing lately. Maybe It's just me, but the only Avengers related movie I was truly looking forward to seeing this year was "Thor 2" (and it still is).

The best "Avengers movies" so far are: 1) The Avengers, 2) Iron Man, 3) Thor, 4) Iron Man 3, 5) Captain America, 6) Iron Man 2 

I'm not listing "The Incredible Hulk" since it didn't include the final Avengers versions of the two main characters (Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner & the new and improved GCI Hulk). Which brings me to my next point - GET THE NEW HULK MOVIE MADE NOW !!!!! For me, just seeing another scene with Banner in it was enough to put a big smile on my face :) I also believe that the two of them (Ruffalo & Downey) really bring out the best in eachothers performances.

JackTChance 5/3/2013 8:13:24 PM

**Spoiler Continuation**

@EIBaz13 totally agree with your comment about the Batman Begins/TDKR amalgam analogy.  That was one of the first things my friends and I started talking about last night, was that it reminded us of the R'as Al Ghul twist in BB. 

Also..I agree with the twist being funny.  The scene was so good and funny that for a bit I forgot that the Mandarin is really a serious, arch-enemy level badass.....then after laughing at and enjoying the scene,  the comic book purist in me felt bad for liking the scene.  Still feel a little dirty for liking it.

That being said, Ben Kingsley is great, enjoyed him in Lucky Number Slevin and he was AMAZING in Sexy Beast.  You want to see a scary, jerk, animalistic, evil Sexy Beast.  Anyhow, the comedic thing was funny and a "good twist" in that we didn't see it coming.  However, I still would have loved to see Kingsley at his best as a top of the line supervillian/arch enemy. 

A whole day later, I'm still left wanting more.  I kinda feel like I missed something important in the movie.  I really hope it wasn't the "final" Iron Man.  I must have checked wikipedia, Marvel, etc a dozen times hoping that Robert Downey had renewed his contract for 3 more movies.  I really, really hope that RDJ's time as Iron Man doesn't end with this.....because then I will really feel let down.  My hope that this is a springboard to another IM storyline....maybe the Mandarin really is the Mandarin, and everything was slight of hand.....including him being an actor.?

wish 5/3/2013 9:25:26 PM

Spoilers on the comment thread for the review?  Uh.........maybe there's some other article you should be reading if you don't want to catch moments and spoilers from this area of the oh-so-large internet?

And man it must sure suck to be one of the hardcores who can't enjoy a film that's as good as Iron Man 3!

I give it top marks!  Shane Black has been a top-form writer for a long time and now he's a director to rival Favreau!  I actually think this is not only the best of the Iron Man movies, but nearly as good as The Avengers!  They managed to find another director like Joss Whedon who just has a knack for highly entertaining character driven aciton movies!  Some of you people are crazy to me, this couldn't have been done better in my opinion!  Part 3's are notoriously shitty and this blows that the fawck away!  I consider Phase 2 to be off to a stellar start!  The trailers for Thor 2 and Man of Steel were near tear-inducing........can't wait for far away..........

TheSilentKiller 5/3/2013 9:59:39 PM

Wish, I have no issues with spoilers, but how about starting your comment with the word


or something that let's people know you're discussing plot points. Good internet ettiquette. Even the muppets on Aint It Cool News can manage that mostly.Just like Redhairs, irockdiesel and Wiseguy managed. I do it too.

I read through the comments dilligently avoiding anything marked as a spoiler, and then some clown on line one talked about the Ras Al Ghul moment from Batman Begins.

Tevii - wasn;t directed at you...

GothicStorm 5/3/2013 11:09:04 PM

I took my kids to see it tonight and we all loved it! The running joke with me and my kids now is: "I got that reference." And trust me, there are plenty in this movie. My kids and I give this movie an A and for comparison, we gave Avengers an A .


I was very happy to see Tony still dealing with everything that happened in New York. He's only human after all and with everything he went through there in the end, he was bound to be stuck with demons for awhile. My kids and I were laughing during several parts of the movie, just like in Avengers. Some people hate all the comedy, but they need to learn to deal with it. These are movies based on Comic Books! If you've ever read a comic book, there is comedy in nearly every issue! 

Alright, so anyway... Where does this all leave Tony for Avengers 2? He no longer needs the source of power that fuels the armor, but he can sit at home and still join his 'super friends' (as Rhodey put it) and take on Thanos. If this is the end for Iron Man, it was a very happy ending. I'm guessing he shows up somewhere in the middle or towards the end of Avengers 2 to help save the day.

The Mandarin was great, but I do agree that the 'real' Mandarin should have been sitting somewhere watching all of this unfold. Perhaps he could have shown up at the end fight and used his sorcery to destroy all the suits then disappeared with a sinister grin.  A certain 'Sorcerer Supreme' could have shown up at the remains of Tony's home during the bonus scene. Just my opinion.

Fun movie and now we can't wait for Thor 2 in November!!! (Oh and 6 trailers before the movie! WHY?!?)

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