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SarcasticCaveman 8/24/2012 1:07:25 AM

 B ?...It's an action movie...about a bike messenger...REALLY?

dojen1 8/24/2012 4:02:16 AM

Why are we even seeing a review of this film? It's not sci-fi, fantasy, horror or comic-book based (the theme of this website). Is it because JGL is in the Batman movie?? Because Shannon will be in "Man of Steel"? Why?  Also: I have zero interest in the exploits of grown men who ride a bike for a living. Put on some big boy pants, get a car and a real job.  

Muenster 8/24/2012 5:16:21 AM

Me thinks someone is Levitt fan. That's why this silly film was reviewed on mania.

makabriel 8/24/2012 5:16:37 AM

I think Mania broke away from just "genre" entertainment a loooong time ago.

Let it go.

Ryodin 8/24/2012 5:53:55 AM

As the only big movie releasing this weekend, I welcome this review. I was wondering if I should waste my time even going to the movies since I've seen everything out. At least this review pushes me more in the direction of maybe checking it out. Thanks, Rob!

violator14 8/24/2012 6:03:24 AM

 Dojen- is that you Sheldon Cooper?? Haha.... Seriously guys, it's just a movie review. No need to get all riled up cuz YOU think it shouldn't be reviewed. This site is about comics, genre stuff and any movie it feels like talking about.

renderman72 8/24/2012 7:07:03 AM

 Really stupid title.

monkeyfoot 8/24/2012 7:18:48 AM

This looks like an interesting idea for a movie but I would wait till is on cable to see it.

Guys, to me this sort of movie can fit into genre in a way. It is a thriller and action movie in the same sense that the Expendables, Rambo, and most Tony Scott films are. I've always thought of genre movies under a larger category I call Bigger Than Life or BTL. It's basic definition would be "This sort of sh@t just doesn't happen in real life."  That covers sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comics, and big action. A cop just doesn't singlehandedly stop a hostage/robbery in a hi-rise office tower too much in any real life story. Neither does a green beret with PTSD rescue Vietnam vets all by himself. Or a cop about to retire gets teamed with a lethal weapon of a partner and constantly have over the top adventures.

Yeah, a Boy Meets Girl, Boy Loses Girl, Boy Gets Girl in the end in some zany manner could technically be BTL but I usually don't put that in that category.

isgrimner 8/24/2012 7:23:05 AM

I'm a JGL fan.  I also don't care that this movie was reviewed on this site as I'm not limited to genre in my interests.   I do, however find it odd that  a lot of genre stuff gets totally ignored here.  Pretty much any Adult Swim genre gets ignored.  Me thinks parent companies are involved with some of the stuff that doesn't get covered. 

InnerSanctum 8/24/2012 7:41:49 AM

 Best bicycle film since Kevin Bacon quit his high powered Wall Street job to become a simple messanger in the heart warming adventure Quicksilver <snarkey>.

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