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death4sale 6/19/2012 2:59:07 AM

Yes, but scientists on a strange potentially hostile planet cut off from others in a confined space will not always have their wits about them. You'd be surprised how dumb even the most intelligent minds can become when they are scared and their adrenaline is pumping. I find it more implausible that their fight-or-flight instincts never kicked in when they should have. When faced with the unknown, a typical person will run the frak away. Their respective fields were Biology and Geology, two fields of study that seemed pretty relevant when they were first recruited but seemed pretty useless when they arrived on LV-223. I think the Space Jockey we see in the original Alien is actually Elizabeth Shaw in a Jockey space suit. I think she finds their planet, gets into some trouble, and steals one of their ships. On her way back, facehuggers get out, and implant her with an egg, and she crashlands on LV-426. To keep others from coming near that planet, she puts out a warning signal, and dies from a Xenomorph ripping out of her.

I'm not trying to make excuses for poor storytelling because I feel there was no poor storytelling. He told the story that he wanted to tell and he told it the way he wanted to tell it. If that's not good enough, write your own. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and how it served to expand the world of Alien. I have already taken to writing my own fan-fiction based on this film. The Space Jockeys never took off to destroy humans on Earth because the biological weapon they created got loose and began killing them which is why they were running from something in that hologram. Not everything needs a perfect answer, that's what movies are engage the audiences imagination and make them think about things for themselves. Things don't have to be spelled out. I was oddly able to deduce everything for myself in this film which is perhaps why I enjoyed it more than others. When it is released on bluray, I will buy it and watch it closely. I will write a review that explains everything in perfect detail and ties the whole film together perfectly for those of you who have trouble figuring things out. I was doing it in my head during the film but I lost most of it because I didn't write it down.

death4sale 6/19/2012 3:07:24 AM

There was only one useless scene in the film that I couldn't figure out an answer for. What did Holloway turn into when his body mutated? Did the DNA that David rufied him with change him on a cellular level? Did it cause him to reanimate? Was he a freakish combination of Xenomorph and human? That's what I figured because the black ooze was basically DNA, being used to create biological weapons by the Engineers. I will watch that scene more intensely the next few times, but I thought it was relatively useless in the grand scheme of the overall film.

momitchell7 6/19/2012 12:32:25 PM

That was kind of my issue with the film... It was going along so well and then it basically looked like toward the end it became "Hey, I got an idea too! Let's have a monster that looks like this! Oh yeah and one that does this!"

I believe that each of the thousands of cannisters probably contained a different type of bio-weapon, but again, whatever.

And yes, the engineers were running away from an experiment gone wrong, but the door shut - they were safe in the spacecraft and then they went to sleep... whatever.

jsmulligan 6/19/2012 3:28:10 PM

 The hologram was obviously them running away from something... but the fact that it led to the cannister room seems odd.  The whole end of the movie (beginning at the medical scan) is a complete mess.  Definitely feels like there should have been more time there to flesh things out a bit.  Beautiful movie, mostly well acted, but definitely drops the ball story-wise.  C to B- from me.

InnerSanctum 6/22/2012 1:24:23 PM

 I have to disagree with Rob's review.  This was C .  Way too many questions and no answers.  Just a set up for a sequel.  It was one of those films that wants to feel deeper and when you look at it it is just a pretty empty shell.  Much like Lost...which had the same writer...intriguing questions that only leave you scratching your head.  Those who say this is not an Alien prequel must have watched a different movie than I did.  I think it would have been a much better movie if the Alien aspect was completely ignored.  All in all...the main question was left...why did our creators create us and then plan to kill us.  As a character sums it up..."Irrelevant."  

Bronze 7/10/2012 1:12:22 PM

 Funny thing happened when I went to see this movie, a teen slasher flick with hopelessly idiotic characters cut into the movie half way through. They must have mixed up the reels because it seemed like it was a good movie until they started petting hissing alien snakes.

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