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VTGamehendge 7/19/2013 9:02:29 PM

I read the first sentence and knew exactly what Rob was saying.  I saw the first one, enjoyed it thoroughly, but don't really remember much about it.  Kinda like during my opiate addiction days and watching movies/tv shows and I'm now going back and re-watching the.  Lol!  I'll catch this on a Tuesday night criterion club discount at Movieland.  And I'll thoroughly enjoy it.

death4sale 7/19/2013 11:30:03 PM

Still wanna see this, but I'll wait for video. I like Bruce, but he has been phoning it in lately. Does he do so in this one too? I kind of miss Karl Urban being in there, but who doesn't like watching a posh older woman firing automatics and blowing shit up. The first one gave me a whole new respect for Dame Helen Mirren.

Has anyone noticed that the graphic for this review on the home page spelled "review" as "reivew?"

Whiskeymovie 7/20/2013 2:49:40 PM

 Saw R.I.P.D. last night (really enjoyed it, eff Rob), Seeing Pacific Rim tonight (IMAX) and will see this tomorrow....

fenngibbon 7/20/2013 7:15:03 PM

 " the sight of perennial nice guy Clark Kent snapping someone's neck like a chicken bone"



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