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Wyldstaar 4/12/2013 3:37:06 PM

Worthless tripe like this scrape by on bored teens.  They don't necessarily want to see Scary Movie V, but there's no other PG-13 movie playing at the multiplex they haven't already seen.  They gotta see something, so it winds up being trash like this.  The teen audience basically goes to almost any PG-13 movie.  If it's quality, they'll see it.  If it's crap, they'll see it.  If they can get away with buying a ticket to Scary Movie, and instead sneak in to see Evil Dead, they'll do that too.

BunyonSnipe 4/12/2013 4:32:01 PM

Guess what folks Scary Movie V is shit..!

blankczech 4/12/2013 4:55:32 PM

Trying to understand why Rob Vaux (or anyone for that matter) would feel compelled to write a lengthy review of this film?

7thGuest 4/12/2013 5:32:45 PM

I think Jerry Zucker and Pat Proft were funny writers with the Naked Gun series. Not sure what happened with them, but maybe they need to write their own movies again and not take over a series that wasn't that funny to begin with.

almostunbiased 4/12/2013 7:27:20 PM

WOW I thought this would be an A for sure.  Blank I loved your comment.

RaithManan 4/12/2013 11:52:58 PM

With that being said about this movie, place your bets on the universe collapsing on itself and put on your Sunday's finest.

spiderhero 4/13/2013 4:53:58 AM

I've happily not seen ANY of these movies. The spoof genre stopped being funny after Mel Brooks stopped making them.

SarcasticCaveman 4/13/2013 11:18:49 AM

 Hey, Mel Brooks made "Dracula: Dead and Loving It", and I thought it was utter crap.  The only laugh it gave me was at the very beginning with the "schedule" scene.  The funny spoof movie is definitely rare these days though...I did enjoy "Superhero Movie"...Leslie Nielsen was hilarious.

SarcasticCaveman 4/13/2013 11:25:10 AM

 I think the reason that spoof movies suck so hard these days is because the formula has changed.  In the good old days, spoof movies would spoof a concept (Airplane! spoofed the airport disaster movies, The Naked Gun spoofed cop movies, Blazing Saddles spoofed westerns), and they would write clever jokes based around that concept.  These days spoof movies go out of their way to spoof very specific movies, characters and scenes, and try to jam all these unfunny jokes into one movie.  Just doesn't work.

DaForce1 4/13/2013 12:57:04 PM

 Sarcastic, actually Airplane! is a spoof of the movie Zero Hour! The Zuckers bought the rights to Zero Hour! so they could make their movie.

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