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SarcasticCaveman 10/29/2012 1:16:13 AM

 I don't know...I didn't care for the first one, but one of my friends LOVES the first one...and apparently she HATED this one so much, it actually ruined her day seeing it.  That tends to make me think this one may have deserved the grade.

RANDOM THOUGHT - Someone mentioned Paranormal Activity 4 - I've only seen the first one, thought it was okay.  While I think they're going way overboard with them, I can understand the overboard - minimal budgets and apperently huge box office returns.  No brainer there.

VTGamehendge 10/29/2012 10:00:56 AM

Sinister, I saw it last night and I agree with you.  It's not gonna get nominated for any Oscars, but I knew what to expect going in and I was entertained.  My main problem was the entire second half of the movie seemed like it was just the first movie all over again just with different characters.  I was kinda forced into paying for the 3D because there were no standard screenings after 5:40.  But yeah, the 3D really wasn't necessary.  One thing about the ending I can't decide if I liked or not was The Executioner, or Pyramid Head, protecting her and her father from the head bitch.  I guess I can understand it since in the end she was basically Alessa and The Executioner is her protector.

Also, I never played any of the games so I didn't get that Origins reference.

SinisterPryde 10/29/2012 12:56:38 PM

5:40? Weird, that was the last 2D showing here as well.

I couldn't decide if I liked the Pyramid Head/protector angle either.

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