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Davewriter 2/8/2013 9:12:50 AM

I'm thinking that the Cminus may be a generous here.

My wife is Chinese and we had seen an ad for this.  She was interested - yet I was surprised when I saw that it would be available on DVD and cable on the same day it showed up in the theatres.  I saw it on cable... well, at least about twenty minutes of it (somewhere in the middle of the film) and was suprised at how lifeless it was.  Some of the wire work was fun, but nobody reacted to it.  As if folks saw flying people all the time.

And I'm not sure... but I think I could do better CG work on my own computer.  Lighting never matched on the CG charactors.  The textures on the "demons" was usually flat - so when they were face to face with humans... well it didn't look good.

I never could figure out why anyone was doing anything.  There was no chemistry between any of the charactors.  I know I came in late, but I thought that the herbalist and the White Snake were brother & sister, or that she was some, not caring neighbor.  They never looked as if they were in love with each other.  And Jet Li was doing what he does best - Mr Stone Face, never changing expression.

It was simply boring and it actually did put me to sleep.

spiderhero 2/8/2013 2:20:26 PM

You saw Identity Thief? Man, I'm sorry for you.



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