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ultrazilla2000 10/15/2011 8:24:28 PM

Just saw it tonight...loved it!  The special effects were really well done and they didn't rely on CGI on everything like some are claiming, and when they did, it was usually needed for the action featured in the scene.  I was pleasantly surprised with all regards to this one.  Not saying it was perfect, but it was dang entertaining!

raa2001 10/15/2011 8:48:05 PM

 yeah i just say stop being old-fashioned and go see the damn movie. it was decent enough to check out in theaters. be a real critic and go see the movie before passing so many judgements.

alienstatue 10/15/2011 11:16:16 PM

This isn't directed toward anyone here, but for me I can't understand how even if the plot is the same as the original, why wouldn't you go see this on the big screen? It's a freaking bad ass alien movie with good effects and good acting with a decent budget, based on a story that entertained us many years ago. On a massive screen!? LOL.

I enjoyed this movie. Acting was good, effects were good, and I can still watch Kurt on my small screen at home.


MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 10/16/2011 9:47:48 AM

I think the perfect sequel would have a cameo with Russell but...he's already dead. He's frozen and so is the other guy. The rescuers come and take his corpse back to the States and then...BLAM...we have a movie that is part Outbreak/Contagion and part Thing. Where it starts spreading around the US. Even have it so we don't have to transform everything back in the past where their bodies are kept frozen because when the rescuers get to the camp they realized something is amiss and that it was probalby biological. The reason they kept Russell's and the other guy's bodies frozen for so long.

shac2846 10/16/2011 3:19:32 PM

 Saw it this weekend. The problem alienstatue, is that there isn't any good acting. None of the characters stand out like in Carpenters version. Also there really is no badass alien story. The story is, like most people have been pointing out on here, a rehash of the carpenter version. It was like someone tried to make their version of the thing with newer effects but the artistry of the original remake is lost. I hope that the alien prequel Prometheus is different that this. It sounds like they are trying to make something original and not rehash the concepts from the original and this thing prequel is a good example of why that is a good idea. 

jppintar326 10/16/2011 7:31:49 PM

When a preview for a movie tells you the whole movie, you can pass judgment on it without seeing it.  The Thing has been done before, both in different version and in episodes of shows like The X Files.  Been there.  Done that.

timesobserver 10/17/2011 6:27:35 AM

OK, if this was a prequel, does that mean all the hi-tech gear that is used in the movie is properly dated, meaning we should be looking at gear and equipment from the early 1980s, right? 

These people shouldn't be walking around with iPods, iPhones or digital image scanners and the like, right?

jedi4sshield 10/17/2011 1:44:19 PM

Saw The Thing today, all in all it was pretty good but could have been way way better. In my opinion there was too much Mary Elizabeth Winstead screen time. There are some continuity issues, won't get into it here. CGI was okay for the most part although I would have wished they didnt use CGI for a particular scene (you know what scene I'm talking about for those that seen it).

I'm not going complain too much about it falling into the same categorie as being like Carpenters because lets face it they are all in the same setting! bunch of people in a small outpost living their lives, Doin the scientific research. They have fun, they have a Copter, Snow vehicles, typical stuff. For you to expect more than this is asking too much. Aside from being Norwegian the setting is relatively identical to the American counterpart. How things go about happening and the direction they take is what should differ slightly. Most likely you'll leave with quite a few questions that won't be readily answered.

Would I have waited to see this on dvd? I had the itch to watch this so I'll just say although you will be slightly disappointed, it is a very entertaining film. It does some justice to Carpenters Masterpiece but the 82' Thing still takes the cake. This will definitely be apart of the Library when it comes out on DVD.

alienstatue 10/17/2011 5:40:36 PM

Shac2846 - good points. Carpenter's film is superiour no doubt.

call me a sucker for Mary Elizabeth. haha.

jnager 3/13/2012 2:35:59 PM

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