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Muenster 11/8/2013 7:03:05 PM

Went to see this afternoon at my local art house theatre, of all places. Good entertaining film with great performances from all. Good to see Rene Russo as Queen Frigga going at with a vorpal sword. Loved her classy Viking funeral scene. However there were entirely too much Kat what-ever-her-name-is attempts at comedic relief- annoying and distracting. Feige must have been under pressure to give her extra face time.

DarthBob 11/8/2013 7:12:33 PM

Way better than IM3 and Man of Shite; very entertaining movie and I thouroughly enjoyed it.

almostunbiased 11/8/2013 8:27:12 PM

Saw this with my daughter and we both loved it.


mharsha 11/8/2013 10:43:54 PM

It was good. And yes, the first post credits scene was done poorly. Content was good, but production was LACKING. One of my favorite scenes was when Loki transformed into Cap. THAT was hilarious!

SmokingFrog77 11/9/2013 2:48:24 AM

Fark! Missed the end-credits scene!  To Youtube I go.....

spiderhero 11/9/2013 4:03:29 AM

Really enjoyed the movie even if I did have to see it in 3D. (B/c of the showing time)

The humor was great, except Dr. Selvig. They just turned him into one big joke which I didn't like.

The middle end scene looked like crap. I hope Guardians of the Galaxy looks better than this b/c if it doesn't, Marvel will have its first bomb.

And the extended Cap trailer had me pumped like nothing else. The entire elevator fight scene was included & it was fantastic.

hanso 11/9/2013 6:40:41 AM

 Yo Im at. Thor right now, the mofo next me smells like cigarettes, and i cant sit nowhere else, fuk!

dalgoda 11/9/2013 6:46:50 AM

I read where the mid credits scene was shot in a couple of hours and is just a teaser.  I enjoyed it for what it was and think Guardians of the Galaxy will look much better when it's released.

DrManhattan 11/9/2013 6:51:04 AM


It was hard to tell as the scene was quite fast on initial viewing, but did Darcy's Intern Ian protect her by lifting up a car or large part of debris? After this moment, did his accent also sound a lot more British?

I immediately then thought that was a clever way to introduce Captain Britain! Which would make sense as he part of the Secret Avengers/Excalibur and was perhaps sent by SHIELD to spy on Jane, Darcy, he seemed to spot Erik Selvig on TV rather easily, pretty sharp for an intern! Captain Britain is also a physicist if I remember correctly.

His name in the credits is Ian Boothby, Captain Britain's name is Brian Braddock, sounds a bit similar.

I found no information about any marvel character named Ian Boothby or Captain Britain in Thor at all.

Am I the only one who caught this?! Or am I imagining all this?!










Wiseguy 11/9/2013 7:15:07 AM


Yeah he lifted the car but they were standing at one of those spots where objects were just floating so super strength was not needed.

hanso guess you went for the early bird matinee. I hate inconsiderate smelly bastards, that alone can help to ruin a movie

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