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Lsn22s 5/5/2011 8:59:00 AM

Nice, I am incredibly psyched to kick off my summer movie binge with THOR, and good reviews all around to boot...absolutely dying over here to see what they placed after the credits! Even better, my girl might be even more pumped to see this than I am. Double-Win For Me! Bring on Cap, GL and X-Men...

tallman 5/5/2011 9:25:38 AM

 I have seen it and I gotta say... ITS BLIMMIN BRILL! Its very good, a lot better then I even thought it would be. Its good for adults and kids, people who like comics and people who don't. Look forward to a sequel. The 3D wasnt that good and wasnt really needed but still makes you get caught up in bits. Have at thee troll.

wish 5/5/2011 9:26:21 AM

Wow, up here in Canada THOR was just released on Blu-ray...........

just kidding

I've been excited about this ever since the cast and crew were announced!!

Solid review!  Can't wait to see it!!!

gauleyboy420 5/5/2011 9:40:02 AM

AWESOME !!!! An A- From Rob, means this will be the SHIZ-NIT!

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 5/5/2011 10:28:48 AM

The thing I don't get about the part after the end credits is this. Who is this cat that they call Thanos. He was like this big demon looking guy on a mechanical throne of some sort. And one of his hands were bigger than the other and covered in jewels. It didn't fit with this movie or any of the others that came before it.

violator14 5/5/2011 10:34:44 AM

holy shit! Thanos!?!?!? R u being serious rt now Mr JBE?? That is gonna be epic..... thx for spoiling the end credits btw... 

zalder 5/5/2011 10:40:02 AM

Interesting.  So it is better than Batman, the first Ironman, and the new hulk? bad it doesn't though in a little angst and grityness though yeah it wouldn't have fit with the character.  Will definitly have to see this..

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 5/5/2011 10:41:05 AM

I'm kidding, I'm kiddin, Violator. I know I'm going to piss people off with that. I haven't seen the movie yet. I remember when Spiderman 3 came out I talked about Carnage and put a fake spoiler on here withut seeing the movie. It was pretty funny. In fact - I think you either got mad at me or was like chill out that's not what happened and he's just messing all of you.

violator14 5/5/2011 11:01:16 AM

LOL good one. You kinda had me. That was a cool image in my head tho.  =)

flinshadytoo 5/5/2011 11:30:41 AM

 Yeah like I said in another comment, the 3D blurs badly in the fighting scenes, and seems a little 2D in places so I didn't think it added anything to it. My wife & I decided that we are see Captain America in the standard format : )

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