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karas1 8/5/2012 8:58:53 AM

With a summer full of movies I like to read reviews.  I like to see if a movie is any good before I plunk down my money to see it.  I'll look at the reviews and sometimes if the review is bad, I'll decide to skip it.  Sometimes I'll see it anyway.  It depends on my mood, the weather, what else is going on etc.

I was a (very) little interested in this movie, but with Rob's review I'll give it a pass.  I'm going to go see Batman which I haven't seen yet.  If the Hunger Games were playing nearby I might go see that because it was so good the first time.

jonniej1017 8/5/2012 11:38:46 AM

ummmm i saw this movie last nite.. Sorry to say, i really liked it..  I dont kno whats wrong with some of u peeps, but it was a NON-stop action flick.. great for a summer movie.  It was great to see Jessica nad Kate.. 2 of the hottest women in hollywood, on the big screne. Colin's acting was actually ok too.. wasnt over the top like it usually is... Special effects were excellent and i thought the whole design of the city and THE FALL were pretty good too.. maybe its me..but My name is john and i approve this movie.

thezillaman 8/5/2012 6:42:51 PM

 just watched the movie, daaaammmm it was cool. crazy non stop action, real cool CGI, it had the girl with the 3 boobies, and yes it was not like the original so what? i just don't get it, on why people have the constant need to cry bout nothing!!? i can tell you this, i thought it was 100% better than TDKR' , no shit not joking. the movie does not have to have all that blood and gore to make it fun. or to have lame A.S.S one liners to compare with arnies film, again so what? it was a different setting not mars still it was good. Rob" again you are way off and to bad people can't enjoy a fun film without bashing it. it's o.k soon you will have what you people seem to love more,  

thezillaman 8/5/2012 6:56:19 PM

like TWILIGHT, ..MACHETE 2, and other films i just can't bring myself to mention them.

vitieddie 8/5/2012 9:42:23 PM

Eh I'll watch it when it opens ... love all sci fi movies, esp with things blowing up ... and I like J Biel ... yummy!

MrEt 8/6/2012 5:30:36 AM

So I saw it and if there had never been a first movie I think I would have liked it maybe a B- or C summer popcorn flick, but it is either not as good as the first one or my expectations were so high that it just didn't meet them. Like I said a D is rather harsh but it almost seems that way if you compared it to the first.

Bryzarro 8/6/2012 7:15:39 AM

 Just woke up but went with the wife to the Drive In and saw this.  I would say it was a pretty decent movie.  I loved the action and the story was good.  I had to remind myself not to see it and compare scenes from the first one.  Other than that I would have given it a C .  

Pleasantly surprised.  And just the kinda movie I could sit back and just enjoy.  Oh and saw Spiderman again part of the double feature.  Still really liked that one too.  Hopeful for the future of that franchise too.

monkeyfoot 8/6/2012 8:32:34 AM

Saw Total Recall. It was basically the same as the original in plot and even many scenes with a little Bourne Identity thrown in. If I were a filmmaker I wouldn't have done it unless I could have done something different with the story.

Production Design and FX were fantastic. I felt like I wanted to explore those cities the same way I would in Blade Runner. Action scenes were great as well.

Nothing special about the acting.While with Matt Damon in the Bourne movies I identified and lived the story through his feelings. Colin Farrell for me, however just seem to read the lines and do the movements. Probably a problem in acting style and director's execution.

My bottom line: It's a great looking FX blowt-stuf-up-reel-guud action flick with no depth in story or action. If that's what you want you shouldn't be disappointed

hanso 8/6/2012 2:00:51 PM

 D plus, C minus, all the same.  Don't know how one grades flick but anywayz, this flick was a let down although I wasn't expecting much so don't know why I was let down in the first place. Serviceable flick, not a total waste of time but no one is missing out if they don't see it.   Anywho, Len Wiseman is garbage.  I'd rather see Bay flicks at least that mofo got his own thing going on, this dude just needs to go away and stop pimping his wife.  Colin Farrell needs to stop starring in big budget flicks and go do some small character flicks or supporting stuff like he did in Minority Report.  

Best thing about this flick was seeing Beckinsale in her white panties, you all know what's up!  Oh and Bryan Cranston was cool too.

Let's see, the original was way better and the Mars stuff was also way more interesting than this Earth set piece.  I miss the lines from the original, like "Give these people air!", "Consider that a divorce",  "See you at the party Richter."  Where were the ball kicking and punching?  I miss those things plus the weirdness of the mutants.  Flick really needed to be R.  The fan base for this flick is already grown up anyways, give us a solid hard r action flick.

Wish they would've done more stuff to make us the audience think if it was a dream or not.  They have that scene at the end to make it more ambiguous but other than that I don't remember anything else.  Maybe the scene where Harry is telling Quaid that he's having a breakdown.  But the thing is where they should've messed around with imo.

Anyway, not the worst flick ever and there are certainly worse ways to spend 2 hrs.  There are also better ways to spend them specially if you got a three breasted hooker ya dig!

Mythos 8/6/2012 2:11:59 PM

@sillerman lmao you said it was 100% better then tdkr omg i think i almost died laughing at that comment! Opinions in this case are a huge huge thing cause if you think that it was then i'm gonna say the love guru was a 100% better then lets say the movie stand by me. and of course i'd be full of crap for even thinking that but its my opinion so disregard it but im still laughing at yours better then the tdkr lmao good one dude good one.

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