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axia777 6/29/2011 8:42:34 AM

Also, I think people's expectations for a Transformers movie are just set a little to high.  We are after all talking about a set of cartoons made for KIDS in the 1980's based off of some toys.  Yeah, that is DEEP.  Go back and actually watch G1 again.  I have.  Deep characters it does not have at all.

Now Beast Wars, that has pretty good charaters expostion and devlopment.  If you want them to make a deep complicated Transformers movie make from Beast wars and get some one like Christopher Nolan to make it.

Lsn22s 6/29/2011 8:50:03 AM

Is it just me, or does it seem like if you just replace a few actors' names in this review you could substitute it for a review of either one of the first two films? Swear I've read this same review for Tranformers 2 (maybe not on Mania, not sure, but definitely online in general) it was copy and pasted then touched up lol...

Well, Transformers movies aren't the brainiest, that's for sure...but this franchise was built on a foundation of visual chaos and explosions, not magnificent this isn't much of a surprise...

Don't care, I love watching the Transformers brawl it out...I don't really hold these films to the same expectations as, let's say, superhero films, because those are about PEOPLE...THIS IS ABOUT BIG-ASS ROBOTS F*CKING SH*T UP!!!!! BRING THAT SH*T ON!!!!

chervil 6/29/2011 8:51:41 AM

Haven't seen it yet, but plan to in the next few weeks.

I really enjoyed the first, thought they did a good job of setting things up.
The second was, for me, a huuge disappointment.
I agree that if you had cut out all the scenes of mom getting high, and Sam whining and all the sexual jokes and bodily function humor, it would have left a great movie about robots.

Except for the little robot that kept humping Fox.
And the two idiot robots.
And the giant wrecking "balls" strategically placed on Devastator.
And why .... oh forget it.
That movie was teh sux and I don't hold high expectations for this one.

Except that it doesn't have Fox.
And it doesn't have the twins (well not the #2 idiots anyway)
And it is supposedly the last one he is making.
And they said they would steer away from the sexual and stupidity humor that ruined the second one.

And lastly, Rob gave it a C.
Which means it is really more of a B- or a B.
Which means I will probably enjoy it.

gopherblaster 6/29/2011 8:52:38 AM


"you're an idiot for liking something I don't"? - never said that

I dont mind if people like it.  I just get frustrated when people justify a bad movie by saying "What do you exepct?" or "its a fun popcorn movie".  Why dont those people tell me what they liked about the movie?  As mush as you want me to explain why I didnt like it.  The people who do like it arent giving any perspective than I am on the flip side.  I just feel that Hollywood has all of these great potentials to do something fantastic with franchises and once they are made then it is gone. This is another list I could make.(Although with the string of reboots I shouldnt feel this way anymore)

Your argument being capped off with a "get laid" reference has discredited your thoughts and inputs, in this discussion.  Grow up.

BTW no one from the Transformers franchise liked part 2, look it up.  


violator14 6/29/2011 8:57:32 AM

I say EVERYONE is right in their own ways. It's just the perspective of your thinking and what kind of person you are. If ur the type of person who can't stand mindless movies with awesome action then that's ur take. If u can ignore the mindlesness and can enjoy the movie for what it is, then kudos to you. So everyone should just get along and stop dumping on each other. Now give me my Nobel Peace Prize.

I for one will probably enjoy it for what it is, thx to all the crap i just read on this article and thread. Now i feel a lil more prepared which is exactly why i love this site! My only gripe is i wish Bay would use more robots from the comics/cartoons that we know and love. Seems like he makes up way too much crap which doesnt seem very necessary to me, but..... WHATEVERS.....

Darkknight2280 6/29/2011 9:03:37 AM

gopherblaster You are talking about raising our statndards and your profile picture is from COMMANDO!!! lol While i love that movie for all the reasons i love Transformers, its just as much a "POPCORN MOVIE" as any Michale Bay film!

Shac2846 If Michael Bay was known for character development...we would be having these thats what kind of argument that is when people say "What are you expecting? Shakespear?" If you dont like his film making then dont going fucking see it. Its that easy! As AXIA777 said "not ALL movies have to deep and complicated." Its called variety.


Darkknight2280 6/29/2011 9:07:30 AM

Im going to go see it and just sit there and be entertained! Enjoy the effects and the eye candy! Im not going to see it or most movies to have them change my life. Although SOME can invoke feelings and thoughts that can change ones life. In the end they are meant to tell entertain us all in different ways. This movie couldnt have been made 20 or even 10 years ago. People are too jaded these days. If it realeased back in the 90's people would be shitting their pants while watching it. Just enjoy it and STFU!

gopherblaster 6/29/2011 9:14:52 AM

Proving my point just put Commando and Transformers in the same category.  Sorry I grew up with Transformers and although the cartoon wasnt going to win any awards in story telling.  I would think a multi-million dollar franchise would have a little better talent behind the cameras.  Not award winning, but better than what we got.  But Violater is right, to each his own.  But if you like it, you are in the minority, just saying.

My standards are not that high, just higher than:

Plugging in a model to fill the hot girl friend role

Racist robots

Robot testicles

Bubblebee peeing


shac2846 6/29/2011 9:17:26 AM

 I didn't say he was known for that darkknight I said maybe put a slight hint of effort into it that's all. People and critics would probably respect that. No person in their right mind would expect shakespeare from a fu$#@ing michael bay movie. I get that people like these movies and I respect that. I don't think the people who like them however respect the fact that for the same reason they love them others hate these movies. It isn't that we don't know how to have a good time, hell I'm blogging on a scifi/fantasy site and I love transformers but I get the feeling if you don't like these movies the people who do make you feel like your an up tight asshole that doesn't know how to have a good time.  

cinemaman72 6/29/2011 9:21:50 AM

Taking a pass on this one, I wait till Summer 2012 when it arrives on HBO! That's about as close as Micheal Bay is going to get to taking my money again.

Beware of any movie starring Shia LaBeouf!

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