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wish 11/30/2012 5:06:15 AM

Shit dude you watched that? 

lusiphur 11/30/2012 5:54:59 AM

 At least he gets paid to watch it.  For every great movie out there, there are 100 bad ones.  I'm not sure there's enough money to pay me to watch all of them and review them.  Thanks for the review, Rob.  I'll avoid this one.

hanso 11/30/2012 6:30:03 AM

 I saw one of these that wasnt so bad for a straight to dvd flick.  Forgot which one it was though.  Might give this a look on netflix.

Muenster 11/30/2012 6:48:29 AM

Why did you even watch this Rob?

jdiggitty 11/30/2012 7:43:35 AM

 Hanso, You might be thinking of Regeneration. It was a pretty well done action movie. I was pleasantly surprised after seeing it. 

This one though, don't wast your time even on Netflix. It's worse than a SyFy movie of the week. It can't even be enjoyed for how bad it is

redhairs99 11/30/2012 7:44:35 AM

I think I'll be passing on this one.  Unfortuately, my love of the original got the better of me a couple years back and I rented the US: Regeneration or whatever it was called on Netflix.  It was probably one of the worst thigns I've ever seen in my entire life.  Thankfully, I've been able to block nearly the entire movie from my memory.  

I've also lost count on which number this is exactly.  The original (The Good One) was a theatrical release.  Then I think they made another 2 or 3 straight to VHS movies with a different leading actor.  Then they made Universal Solider: The Return, which I swear was also billed as Universial Solider 2 despite the other movies previously made.  The Return was mildly watchable for lovers of the original, but not very good overall.  Regeneration fascinated me simply because Lungren was returning to the "franchise" (if you can call it that) and that Van Damme turned down a role in the first Expendables movie to make this one.  Again, the logic there fails me since Lungren appeared in both films.

monkeyfoot 11/30/2012 9:02:28 AM

I always thought this would make a great TV series for SyFy many years ago. Something along the lines of the Stargate or BSG franchises. It would be the adventures of the Unisols now kind of aware of who and what they are but still continuing on their various missions. Sort of like Robocop. He knew who he was and what he had become but he still knew the need for doing his job.The drama would be their mental conflicts emerging of who and what they were, conflicts with their superiors and the government for what they've become and learning to be human again with the necessary romances happening.

But alas, its just crappy low budget DVD fare for the producers and JCVD. 

violator14 11/30/2012 9:51:46 AM

 Wish- I laughed out loud at ur comment. hahaha

Higgy 11/30/2012 11:01:04 AM

Yeah, Wish and I may disagree on Star Trek, but this...this we agree on.  If there was a Like button I'd click it for that one man.  LOL.

I watched this trailer and it was garbage.  I'd hate to have been made to go watch it...even if I was paid to do it.

hanso 11/30/2012 11:07:37 AM

 Jdiggity, you are right, it was Regeneration. 

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