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death4sale 7/27/2012 5:52:12 PM

 No characters that are recognized as actual people? I thought that scene where they take pictures with the assumed dead alien was pretty realistic as to how a group of guys would act in that situation. Perhaps it's the only scene where they act as actual men would. I know if I found a dead alien, that's how my buddies and I would treat it. We'd probably take it a step further and use it to drive in car pool lanes.

hfc7036 7/27/2012 6:42:48 PM

 I read the first part of this review and think to myself, isn't that what comedy is these days?  I'm not too sure how much I will agree with this review after I watch it, but we'll see!

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 7/27/2012 9:32:37 PM

I know - like I said in another review that was low "Sometimes comedy is in the fact that people are doing the illogical".  I mean I have friends all the time that do absured stuff that make you go "What in the hell is he doing?" and it's funnier than shit. It in fact is what makes it funny.

jsmulligan 7/27/2012 10:14:50 PM

 I can't help but think the alien stuff should have been left out of all the previews.  Or at least the reveal of actual aliens, maybe keep his paranoid sounding lines about an alien invasion.

HudsonTaco 7/28/2012 8:17:35 AM

Richard Ayoade is fricken hilarious on " The IT Crowd" and that is enough for me to see this. RT has this at a disappointing 14% critic reviews, but 75% users liked it. I will take the users opinion this time.

Watch IT Crowd it's on Netflix.

DaForce1 7/28/2012 2:32:53 PM

 Script co-written by Seth Rogen, directed by the guy who directed "Hot Rod" and starring Stiller and Hill. That was more than enough to keep me away from this obvious turkey.

InnerSanctum 7/28/2012 3:58:00 PM

 I had a bad feeling about this film just from the trailers.  I'll wait until it is on demand and I'm bored.  Maybe drunk.  

InnerSanctum 7/28/2012 4:01:31 PM

 I enjoy Vaughn, but he hasn't made a funny movie since Wedding Crashers.  Just the same thing over and over and over.  

HudsonTaco 7/28/2012 7:49:27 PM

Well just got back from seeing it this afternoon and other than the drunk idiot cracking the beers he brought into the theater, I quite enjoyed it. I'd give it a b minus.

CaptAmerica04 7/28/2012 11:51:31 PM

Yeah, about what I figured.

As my wife so succinctly put it:  this is three comedians who assume that people will show up and laugh just because they are in the film.  No thanks.  Pass.  I'm saving my next movie going dollars and my AMC points for Total Recall, Bourne Legacy, and Expendables 2.

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