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IRONMANIAC 5/23/2014 5:26:51 PM

And a billion times better than the corny Spiderman movie I had to endure several weeks back. Yeesh.

IRONMANIAC 5/23/2014 5:35:32 PM

Let's not forget, gang, that Mathew Vaughn is credited as one of two dirctors for this movie. Let's not only sing Singer's praises, here. And Vaughn was one of the key writers,

Shogunn2517 5/23/2014 5:37:58 PM

Okay guys, I get it.  The movie was good and all and we can walk back a rather whack X-Men 3(or all of the other X-Men movies really) and pretend it didn't happen...

But what DID happen?

hanso 5/23/2014 6:29:24 PM

What do you mean what happened? All the prior X-Men movies happened for Logan only, and Charles who knew what happened when he looked into Logan's mind.

For everyone else, those events did not happen so the movies didn't take place (except 1st Class), allowing the franchise to start new.

shac2846 5/23/2014 10:26:24 PM

I can't think of a movie franchise other than the new star trek that tried this trick and it worked but the x-men are my favourite comic so maybe that's why I was rooting for them. I can't believe DOFP managed to write a franchise that had gone off course while still maintaining the parts that worked. First Class gets to stay which was great because it was excellent and now they have successfully erased the fuck up of last stand and origins. It's like Hanso said you can pretend they didn't exist.

The movie itself was killer going back to see it again next week. Can't wait for apocalypse.

Shogunn2517 5/24/2014 1:04:30 AM

 hanzo, that's kind of a copout if it's so.  Not saying there's anything wrong with what you're saying, but not only did the last five movies not happen, what DID actually happen?  How did Logan get his adamantium?  Obviously Striker did experiement on him right?  Or did he?  I mean th X-Men are together and he's at the school so the first movie happened right?  And since he does have his metal, I suppose X-Men 2 happened too right? But Jean Grey is alive so maybe X-Men 2 did NOT happen?  What is Logan's relationship with Sabertooth?  Did Rogue want to mute her powers?  Did Striker use his son to try to kill mutants?  Was Senator Kelly killed by Magneto?  Did ANYTHING we saw in the last five movies happen in this future?  And if it did, why doesn't it validate the rest of what happened in those movies?

I guess they can start all anew and we can pretend it all didn't happen, but in this new future, how do we get to the point where we are now?  I'm just saying (to me at least), it would have made more sense if they showed the dystopian future ereased, like they did and left it rebooted from 1973 and have Apocalypse fill in the gaps.  Because now, we got 50 years and five movies where some things happened and some things didn't.

What is this, the New 52 or something?

hanso 5/24/2014 3:45:16 AM

I don't think its a copout because the original timeline did take place, they've just been erased essentialy except for one or two guys who remember it.  Also, I don't think because we see Logan in the school the events of X1 happened.  Days of Future Past created an entire new timeline from 1973 forward so to me the events in all the movies did not happen, just because we see Logan and the X-Men at the school doesn't mean anything.  For all we know its just a school.  Similar events to X1 could've happened, or maybe completely new events brought the X-Men together, we don't know, but once the timeline was changed it effectively erased everything else for all the characters except Logan & Charles.

Like I said, to me in this new timeline only 1st Class happened, although the flashback in The Wolverine still happened too as well as the flashbacks with Sabretooth & Wolverine in the wars from Origins.

The rest of your questions, we just don't know we'll have to wait for the sequel. 

shac2846 5/24/2014 7:18:13 AM

 Shogun the end of the film with striker was (to me at least) implying that because logan made himself known to stryker earlier in time they would likely experiment on him earlier. Which means if he is suppose to appear in apocalypse then he will have his claws which is good because it may be his last run with the x-men. Or Jackman's last run.

Moz72 5/24/2014 10:01:00 AM

Did anyone hear about Jackman's comment about how he would love to have his Wolverine join the Avengers? That would be box office gold!!

Moz72 5/24/2014 10:02:29 AM

If onlyFox and Disney can play nice and come up with a profit sharing agreement and make a Wolverine & The Avengers movie!

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