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timrandles 7/18/2011 7:20:01 AM

Wow again! Can this review be more lopsided! I mean yes you like it, but then the next statement you don't! I mean really Mania let's get someone who actually can give a good review.  This episode was good, and at some parts humorous! I mean, Erik being like a young vampire is funny! The way he got drunk off of fairy blood was great! He was grabbing sookie's butt and stuff was just too great! I like this side of Erik, the human side so to say! He was too arrogent at times.  Also,  the Jason plot finally is going to change! The whole let's have an inbred screwfest was just getting weird and then downright akward even for T.B. I will agree that the Tara and Lafayette plot line is interesting but they are trying to bring sort of a background character up to the limelight, and I don't think it is going ot work. I think they need to either figure out what they are doing, or start tieing up these ends for this season quick, only 6 more episodes, which sucks, or maybe 8.  I am not sure what to make of the Arlene thing, all I can say is demon child, cut the head off! LoL.  I all and all liked this episode, and would have given it a b also maybe even an A-. I think it was one of the better episodes for the season so far.

rogue188 7/19/2011 5:54:39 AM

B is a good rating. To be a good reviewer, you need to bring in both sides of the coin. Trueblood has had its share of crapiness since last season, and this season's opener was far from bright. Good review Rob. Keep it up. I whole-heartedly agree with everything brought up.

isgrimner 7/19/2011 7:38:59 AM

Irritated that they are bringing the Mickens group back.  In the books Sam has a good family if I recall correctly, and they are hardley mentioned.  Early on the writing on the show surpassed the writing of the books, which is rare, but now the writing on the show has devolved to the level of or lower than the books.  The books were entertaining enough in a pulpy sort of way to an avid reader like myself, but then again I probably only read them because it was bundled as 8 ebooks for like $12 on my Kindle.  I haven't read the last two because Penguin Publishing sucks and overprices their ebooks since the first iPad came out.

I do agree they should trim some of the fat from the show, aka the supercargo.  Though Lafayette is interesting, but Tara not so much.  When she was pointing the gun at Pam, I was hoping Pam would use her Vamp speed and just take it away from her. 

Also, how the heck is Bill supposed to "remember" the Salem Witch trials, etc. when he is not old enough to "remember" them?  He was turned during the Cival War era around 1865 or so.  Yes he could have studied them as history, but then they played the scene wrong or somewhat sloppy.  I really want to see Erik kick Bill's ass, as he could do it rather easily.   Also, I wonder if they'll have Erik and Sookie actually hook up during this time where his memory is gone as they do in the books, but for some reason I don't think the show will go there. 



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