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Moz72 3/5/2010 6:25:04 PM

Why on earth would any studio agree to do a live action film on the SMURFS of all things?? I'll go see it for nostalgia sake and the fact that  Jonathan Winters (he's still around!?)and George Lopez are in.

Go SMALLVILLE ! Being that this will be the series final season, the CW should definitely give the writers and producers the biggest budget possible to make season 10 the best. Get in as many DCU heroes and villain as possible, officially bring together the Justice League, bring back Lex Luthor, and give Smallville a huge send-off with a two hour series finale with Clark putting on the SUIT!.Make Seeason 10 EPIC!

lister 3/5/2010 6:29:02 PM

Yeah I am not up for most 3D movies because it feels more like a gimmick than useful creative enhancement.

BUT Green Lantern in 3D might be a dun one because of the shapes he can create with his ring. That might be cool in 3D. As long as it doesn't look like another Avatar video game, that is. I'd prefer a mostly physical Kilowog, for example.

dragon261 3/5/2010 7:06:00 PM

 I'm willing to bet that it will be none of the actors who tried out for the role of Cap will get the job forcing them to pony up the money and go with a name actor.

lazarus 3/5/2010 11:30:58 PM

Okay guys, I will ask the question, I would like to know what the hell does it matter if Smallville puts on the tights. HE LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME NOW. HE does not even try to maintain a second identity. So please telll me what advantage does the tights bring? I mean if he had been trying to use the glasses and secret id thing fine, but heck you walk up on the street and look at him. HEY its that superpowered guy. Christ on a crutch, the ENTIRE rest of the league in this world has secret ids and most wear masks. But no....not clark, he dresses like a poor mans NEO knock off. I like smallville but wish they would at least TRY and establish the secret identity thing a little more. Lois hass hung around clark without glasses, Once she meets Superman she would have to be REALLY stupid or blind not to figure this out.

On another note, I would love to see them do a Green Arrow spin off. He is by far one of the most interesting characters on the show and it could easily do well as a story on his own. The relationship between him and speedy, and his being pursued by the Archers.

kinetoscope 3/6/2010 5:55:34 AM

SMALLVILLE: Keep going for those of us that like it. For those that don't... don't watch it or complain about it. I think this year has been a lot of fun and they have expanded the universe alot. As long as there is fun/good story to tell don't stop.

SPIDERMAN: Just like Captain America, pick someone and get going. Why wait? It's taking longer than it took the Chicago Bears to find a offensive coach... and that was too long.


Jasinner 3/6/2010 10:13:07 AM

 Every time there are Captain America casting rumors I will post the same name:


DaForce1 3/6/2010 4:35:42 PM

I saw "Kick-Ass" on Wed. night, and wrote my review in the blog section on here. I tried to write it in the review section, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be working (like a lot of things on mania.com).

lister 3/6/2010 8:41:46 PM

DaForce, thanks for the review. I understand what you are saying about not expecting things to be "real", and that really is my major concern about how this will translate to film. I guess I will just have judge for myself, as it's either going to work for the individual viewer or it won't. It may be hard to keep an open mind, but in the spirit of popcorn fun, I will try.

My other concern is the ending, because that's where I felt the comic book fell flat. I'm a little disheartened that the movie seems to be playing more for a sequel, which seems an even worse ending than the rushed one from the book. Again, I'll just have to judge for myself.

Thanks for the warning about the CGI blood. As a Savini fan, that's the sort of thing I'd rather be prepared for going in. Now I won't get P'Od about it.

gauleyboy420 3/7/2010 12:51:35 PM


Nice review, pretty much the same as mine, although a little more fleshed out. It's hard to review a movie without giving too much away... I have new respect for movie reviewers...

Just out of curiosity do you live near Portland, OR? Thats where I saw it at.

It's funny you hate Nic Cage and so does my buddy that I watched it with, but you both liked him in this film... I like hime in a lot of films, and thought he was great in Kick-Ass.

The cgi blood doesn't bother me, and I didn't really notice that it was CGI (except a couple of places)... I don't think they overdid it and that will help those of you who aren't fans of CGI. (I think CGI is great when used well, and 80 percent od CGI that is in movies we never even realize. It's as viable as old school special F-X and when both are done wrong they both look horrible, when both are done right they both look fantastic and seamless)

MANIACS, Go see Kick-Ass it um...well HEY WISEGUY, got anything more clever for me to describe it with? ;)


As far as "Is it as good as the comic?"  Me and my comic shop guy talked about it yesterday, and we bothe though it was BETTER than the comic... GO SEE IT MANIACS, and read the book too, it a fun ride...


DaForce1 3/7/2010 11:13:17 PM

Gauley, I'm in San Francisco. I know a few people who own comic book stores in town, so I got invited to the screening. I never read the comic, but all the guys with me who had said that it was better than the comic and that the few changes made were for the better.

Definitely go check it out, it's a fun ride.

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