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"Mantenna: Masters of the Universe"

An eye-catching villain makes his return

By Carlos Mejia     January 13, 2007

Masters of the Universe: Mantenna

NECA’s Masters of the Universe Mini Statues line is interesting because it is the only place right now where you can get any MOTU figure, the figures are mini statues in a 7-inch action figure style and the line is mostly made up of a C-level characters. Not withstanding Horak and a few other major players this line features characters that never got their chance to shine either on the original series or on the short lived 2002 series (which hopefully will someday make it to DVD). The C-level status is neither an insult, nor a handicap as the magical sculpting hands of the Four Horsemen reinvent each character with incredible and sometimes scary new looks. 

Mantenna, one of Horak’s original and faithful henchmen is no different from those in previous waves. The mini statue has incredible detail on the costume and on the claw weapon. The most interesting feature on Mantenna is his entire face. Unlike the original look from the 80s, Mantenna actually looks scary with his bugged eyeballs, fangs and a set of sharp teeth that resemble maggots. Contrasting his previous toy appearance 20 years ago, Mantenna now comes equipped with four legs, but we never found out why Mantenna has four legs since his only known power is to extend his eyes for espionage. 

The most eye-catching (no pun) thing about Mantenna is his colors. With bright blue skin, a red colored face and very yellow eyes, he’s easily the brightest MOTU villain ever. The only thing missing from Mantenna is his ability to have his eyes pop out and extend upward which is a bit of a let down since it’s his only known ability. Even with that small feature missing, it’s still an incredible looking figure for this unique series. If the Horsemen were attempting to make Mantenna or other MOTU villains look menacing and legitimately scary they’re on the right path. Even though we love to see the lesser-known characters made in this series, we’re still waiting to see what the Horsemen can do with the A-level roster. He-Man anyone?


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cellblock303 1/13/2007 8:15:00 PM
Just a note, it's Hordak with a "D", not "Horak". Anyways, good article keep up the good work. I HAVE THE POWER!!! (Sorry couldn't resist!;))
mrpenbrook 1/15/2007 9:02:16 AM
God, I am such an unbelievable nerd for knowing this: Mantenna has four legs because the original figure's legs were each sculpted as two legs fused in the middle (adding up to four legs).


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