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Mark Millar On Kick-Ass Movie

    March 30, 2008

Newsarama chats up comic creator Mark Millar about his current work, including his new creator-owned book 'Kick-Ass'. Recent rumors indicate that 'Stardust' movie director Matthew Vaughn is actively developing the concept as a movie. Millar drops several hints about the movie before Newsarama puts the question to him directly:

NRAMA: Speaking of other media with the property, there's been rumored talk of Matthew Vaughan directing the film version. You said earlier that a director had already picked up the film rights to it. Want to confirm anything in particular?

MM: I can't confirm or deny any director at this stage. Sure, Matthew and I are friends and I think Layer Cake and Stardust tie with 28 Days Later as the best British films of this decade so having him onboard would be amazing. But at this stage I can't even give you a little wink, except to say that the director is already in place and we're looking to rapidly go into production once we're finished a polish on the final script next month. Some casting has already been worked out too, but I can say nothing beyond this annoyingly vague statement.

NRAMA: That said, how will it work, given that the character's name is a real person who won the chance to have the character named after him in an auction?

MM: Yeah, that's brilliant (laughs). Dave bid highest in one of the charity auctions I did when I was off sick last year and he got this for just a couple of grand. He's really pleased about it too and thrilled that his local comic store is even talking about a signing, which I think is a brilliant idea. One of the movie producers said that this is like getting to be John McClane or Harry Callaghan and all for a couple of grand. I think that's brilliant. Well done for him stepping up to the plate. I feel so bad having his testicles electrocuted now.

Click through for the extensive Q & A with Millar.


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