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Mark Miller says 'Kick-Ass' lead is cast and more

    August 21, 2008

The Fourth Wall podcast chatted with Hollywood mogul (and comics superstar) Mark Millar who dished on his current comics projects, as well as his growing film empire.

Presently the buzz is on 'Kick-Ass' which is hurtling forward at a break-neck speed under the direction of Matthew Vaughn ('Stardust'). Casting announcements were made on the film last week, but the actor behind the lead role of Dave Lizewski went conspicuously unnamed.

"I know exactly who should play Dave Liezewski because he just got the job last week," Millar told Fourth Wall. "It's really hard to get charismatic actors at that age, but we lucked out. We got one and he's absolutely brilliant."

He wouldn't name the actor but admitted the role was the most difficult to cast. "He's unknown in America. He's going to be a star after this."

Cameras are set to roll on 'Kick-Ass' in two weeks, starting in London before moving to a Canadian city that will double as New York.

Millar also said work is underway on a 'Wanted' sequel, but not in comics form.

"If you see me doing a sequel to this comic I'm doing it for the cash," Millar said, repeating something he told fans when the book was first released.

While the book was meant to be a stand-alone story, Millar said he has no such reservations about the planned sequels to the film. He revealed to Fourth Wall that they plan to make 'Wanted 2' and 'Wanted 3'.

"The movie introduced a lot of elements that we didn't have, so there's plenty of room for them to go off and do something. They've asked me to be involved with that," Millar said.

His latest book, 'War Heroes' is also set up with a movie, but Millar aims to avoid the perpetual option trap that plagues so many comics properties. With the success of 'Wanted', Millar has a bit more clout to make movie deals happen.

"We don't do options. If you option it you have no real control over it," Millar said. "The deal that we're doing is that we get the actor, the prodcuers that we want and we just make the film, or its off the table."

That said, things are looking favorable for 'War Heroes'.

"This week we're going to decide which studio we're going to run with. There are  four or five at the moment that want to do it," Millar promised. "I think it's really important to get this out somewhere between 2010 and 2011 because one of two things will happen: either the world will possibly end at that point. The other thing is the situation can change...I don't want it lying around like 'Watchmen' for 20 years."

Click through for the complete audio interview, in which Millar comments further on these topics, as well as his varied comics projects.


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