Mark Steven Johnson finds religion with 'Preacher' - Part 1 -

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Mark Steven Johnson finds religion with 'Preacher' - Part 1

By Rob M. Worley     June 08, 2007

Mark Steven Johnson ('Daredevil', 'Ghost Rider') gives iF Magazine an update on the progress of the 'Preacher' series for HBO."Things are moving ahead and great. I actually already wrote the pilot and (HBO) wanted to me write a bible on how the first season would go and I did that," says Johnson of the show. "There was a big shake-up at HBO recently and we weren't sure if we were still on the bill but things are still looking really good. It has been a dream of mine to bring this comic to television and make the series exactly faithful to the fans of the comics who loyally follow the book."The writer/producer/director also said the show will follow the storyline of the comics but also blaze its own trails. "Well there would be nothing new to add if we did that so ('Preacher' creator) Garth (Ennis) and I have been creating new stories for the series. I love the book so much and I was telling Garth that he has to make the stories we are coming up with as comics because I want to see them."There's much more in this exclusive interview.


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