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Mark Strong Circling GREEN LANTERN?


By Rob M .Worley     January 18, 2010
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Comics2Film: Mark Strong, Sinestro and GREEN LANTERN
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Director says Mark Strong is Sinestro in 'Green Lantern'. Plus: Lots of 'Spider-Man 2012' talk. New 'Kick-Ass' poster and photo. 'Avengers' toon show trailer and more! The winner of zero Golden Globe awards, it's your Comics2Film 10.1.18!



Producer talks Scrapped AVENGERS VS X-MEN Movie

Marvel Animation director Steve E. Gordon recently chatted with Marvel Animation Age about a planned 'Avengers vs X-Men' movie.

"My understanding is this would have been an adaptation of the Ultimate War series," Gordon said. "I never read a treatment, but since I was working very closely from the comics I assume they adhered pretty closely."

Click through for the in-depth Q & A along with artwork from the lost project.

Thanks to CaptainSigma for the submission.




The L.A. Times Hero Complex blog sat in on a panel discussion attended by director Michael Bay and his 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' sound crew. The director dropped a bit of info on the upcoming 'Transformers 3' movie.

The article suggests that the movie will feature fewer robots and explosions and focus more on story.

"There will be a nice crescendo ending," Bay said. "It gets much more into the robot character. The last time you kind of met a few of the robots; this time you’re gonna get a much cooler landscape."



Fin Fang Foom in IRON MAN 2

Way back in 2006 when C2F interviewed Jon Favreau about the first 'Iron Man' movie we made sure to assert our fondest wish for the series: that our favorite Marvel character Fin Fang Foom would appear.

Now, it turns out, the most fearful menace of them all is actually set to appear in 'Iron Man 2'. This was revealed by famed Marvel artist Adi Granov, who has done design work on both movies, and did a shell-head comic with Favreau after the first film was released. Granov presented a Fin Fang Foom illustration to along with these comments:

"This was my design for Fin Fang Foom for the Iron Man Viva Las Vegas book I was doing with Jon Favreau. But this image in particular was done for the IM movie and used as a billboard in one of the scenes where Iron Man flies past it. It's very quick, but Jon wanted to have a kind of a cool easter egg in there."

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Layman dreamcasts CHEW movie

It's no secret that Comics @ Mania are huge fans of John Layman's 'Chew' comic book. Several issues have received glowing reviews and it's been profiled in the No Fly Zone.

The book is a fantasy about a cop named Tony Chu who has the psychic ability to read information about anyone who may have handled the food that he eats. He falls for a food critic whose words are so powerful that she can conjure up the taste of a myriad of foods that Chu avoids eating due to his super powers.

While we haven't heard specifically of plans for a 'Chew' movie, presumably a film deal is inevitable. Layman was interviewed by the New York Times about the book and offered his dream cast for such a movie. If he had his way Ken Leung (most recently playing a similar psychic character on 'Lost') and Felicia Day are who he would cast as his leads.



Top Cow's DARKNESS has Producer, Actor, Writers

The Comics Continuum posted a video interview with Top Cow top dog Matt Hawkins who updated them on the progress of the film version of 'The Darkness'.

Hawkins was mum on specific details although he did reveal that producer Scott Stuber ('Scott Pilgrim vs The World', 'Wolfman', 'Repo Men') is developing the movie with Platinum Studios. He also revealed that they have a lead actor attached and that "writers" are working on a script, but refused to name names.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.




Kryptonsite has laid hands on the CW's official synopsis to the 'Smallville: Absolute Justice' movie event.

DC COMICS' CHARACTERS HAWKMAN, STAR GIRL AND DR. FATE FROM THE JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA MEET UP WITH CLARK AND HIS TEAM IN A SPECIAL TWO-HOUR EVENT; PAM GRIER GUEST STARS — A man named Sylvester Pemberton tracks down Chloe (Allison Mack) and tells her he knows about her team of superheroes and needs their help. However, before he can explain who he is, he is attacked and killed by Icicle (guest star Wesley Macinnes). Clark (Tom Welling) and Chloe's (Allison Mack) investigation leads Clark to the former headquarters of the Justice Society of America where he meets up with Nelson AKA Dr. Fate (guest star Brent Stait), Carter Hall AKA Hawkman (guest star Michael Shanks) and Courtney AKA Star Girl (guest star Britt Irvin). Courtney pleads with Hawkman and Dr. Fate to help her catch the killer that is targeting their group but they are reluctant to resume their duties as superheroes. Clark, John Jones (guest star Phil Morris), Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) and Chloe team up to help the JSA stop Icicle before he murders another member of the group. Meanwhile, Lois (Erica Durance) receives a package from a mysterious agency called Checkmate, run by Amanda Waller (guest star Pam Grier). Posted on KryptonSite. Geoff Johns wrote the two-hour episode. Glen Winters directed the first hour (#3X5262) and Tom Welling directed the second hour.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.




Marvel and BET have been talking about a 'Black Panther' cartoon for years now. Based directly on the Reggy Hudlin/John Rominta Jr. relaunch of the character (and done in the limited-animation style of the old classic Marvel toons), the show is now on the Austrailia. announced that fans with access to ABC3 can now view the series. They even offer a few episode summaries.

Episode 1: Jan 16 at 8.15pm on ABC3 in Australia - In a top-secret Washington meeting, Intelligence Agent Everett Ross briefs the government on the history of the Black Panther, the warrior king of the African nation of Wakanda. Meanwhile on the other side of the world, the Black Panther must compete to defend his throne in hand-to-hand combat. Featuring the voices of Djimon Hounsou, Kerry Washington, Alfre Woodard and Jill Scott.

Episode 2: Jan 16 at 8.42pm on ABC3 in Australia - Having been crowned the new Black Panther, T’Challa must contend with jealousy in the royal court while searching for the man who murdered his father. Unbeknownst to him, a deadly assassin named Klaw is assembling a team of super-villains to attack Wakanda.

Presumably the show will air stateside on BET at some point in the future.



Webb, Cameron talk SPIDER-MAN 2012

Last week the rumor mill anointed director Matt Webb '(500) Days of Summer' as the front-runner on the list of directors who could take over the rebooted 'Spider-Man' franchise.

MTV Splash Page chatted with the up-and-comer at the Golden Globe Awards to see what he had to say about the prospect. As it turns out, not much.

Webb said he is a big fan of the wall-crawler both classic and modern. "Stan Lee, big fan ... love the 'Ultimate' stuff," he said before adding, "How could you not be a fan of Peter Parker and Spider-Man?"

Re-christened "King of the World" James Cameron was a bit more forthcoming with his comments about the 'Spider-Man' reboot. C2F readers know well that Cameron labored on his own Spider-Man movie throughout the early 1990s. That project was strangled by the legal tangle of film rights for the character.

MTV News asked him if he had any plans to pursue the reboot.

"No, no," he said. "It's a little bit sloppy seconds, let's face it."

While C2F can't deny having an undying curiosity about what Cameron's Spidey would be like, the director says he's not in the hunt for the job at all.

"I haven't gotten a phone call. "I don't expect to — certainly [not] after this interview. But if you're thinking about it, it's sloppy seconds. I'm not interested."

Thanks to CaptainSigma and markeetundra for the submission.



More on the SPIDER-MAN 4 Collapse

The Vulture gossip column at New York Magazine has more insights into the collapse of 'Spider-Man 4'.

According to their report, Raimi's reaction to 'Avatar' did much to accelerate his departure. After seeing Cameron's blockbuster, Raimi allegedly felt his Spidey sequel needed game-changing special effects. The studio blanched at not only the money, but the time required to fulfill on the director's vision. Ultimately these questions could not be resolved in time to get the movie out in 2011.

The Vulture also provided this summary of Raimi's story which (aptly enough) focused on The Vulture: 

Condensed, it went something like this: Peter Parker gets over MJ, finds a new girl, falls in love. But: Peter also discovers her father is actually the Vulture, a naughty green guy with wings to be played by John Malkovich. Peter is torn between the love of his new lady and taking down the Vulture. Being a Spandex tight-ass, he decides to take down the Vulture, and kills him. This patricide goes down poorly with Peter’s new fiancée, and she rejects him. Despondent, Peter decides to abandon his superpowers, and Movie No. 4 ends with Peter Parker throwing away his Spider-Man mask, and audiences wondering if they are watching Superman II.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Millar Spreads alcohol-fueled NEMESIS hype

Mark Millar wants you to know there are amazing things possibly, sort of, maybe happening with the possible, sort of, could-happen film version of his as-yet-unpublished creator-owned comic 'Mark Millar's Nemesis'.

On his message boards he writes of a meeting with a major-league director who is intrigued by the high-concept comic, which puts the chaotic personality of the Joker into a figure as resourceful as Batman. Here's the posting:

Okay, am pretty drunk. I downed many Guinnesses as my gang re-watched Spidey 2 tonight (a master-piece, btw) and am now weirdly wide awake. But have spoken to three directors about the Nemesis movie in the past seven days, none of whom have read the scripts and all of whom are basing our chats entirely on the visuals and high concepts you guys have seen.

Anyway, as you know I don't want anyone to see this until the whole series is written and that's at least into next month. THAT SAID, the director I got hooked up with early this evening is literally one of the best in the biz. He's someone I totally trust in terms of movie-making and he knows his comics too. We chatted about the property for an hour and his ideas were insane, the stuff that had me buzzing being his notion of DiCaprio as Nemesis versus Daniel Day-freakin-Lewis as America's best cop.

Yes, just maybe the two greatest actors in contemporary cinema.

He's friends with one of these guys, reckons we could be in production by the end of the year and the movie out possibly as early as 2012, which is just insane. My plan was to hold off til March and take advantage of the Kick-Ass movie hoopla, but to be honest it doesn't get much better than this. I love movies and I love comics and this guys speaks our language. I'm wasted and ready for bed, but also v excited at the prospect.

What do you guys reckon? Should I stick to my guns and wait until the script is finished next month or take this off the market and go with one of the best modern directors around?


PS Quite brilliantly, he also suggested Tobey Maguire. Who, of course, is an absolutely brilliant actor and, let's face it, feels quite comfortable in a pair of tights. It would be a great headline too for those, like me, who are gloing to miss that wee guy as Spider-Man.

Some are speculating that this director could be Martin Scorsese, who has worked with DiCaprio on several movies, not the least of which paired him with Daniel Day Lewis in 'Gangs of New York'. However, Millar says he "knows his comics" and Scorsese has never struck us as a comics guy.

C2F is sure Millar will have many more such posts before the book debuts in April (presuming on-time shipping).



KICK-ASS Final Poster

KICK-ASS Poster and Photo

Speaking of Mark Millar, Hitfix has exclusively unveiled the final theatrical poster for 'Kick-Ass'. Click the thumbnail for a full view.

Elsewhere, the L.A. Times has a new photo from the movie in their Spring preview.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Looks Like Mark Strong is Sinestro in GREEN LANTERN

Early Friday morning, the big buzz story was that actor Jackie Earle Haley was pretty much a done deal to play Sinestro in the 'Green Lantern' movie.

As luck would have it, the new broke on the same day that director Martin Campbell was out doing press for his new film 'Edge of Darkness'. Well, the director was quick to correct the rumors.

"That's completely wrong," Campbell told MTV Splash Page when asked about the Haley rumor. He then corrected it by saying, In fact, we're in negotiations with Mark Strong to play Sinestro."

Fans who saw 'Sherlock Holmes' last month saw Strong playing the the heavy in that film as they enigmatic, possibly immortal Lord Blackwood. We gotta admit, he's a great choice for Sinestro.

"He's not only a wonderful actor, but he looks like Sinestro," Campbell said. "If you look up old pictures of Sinestro, he's very like him. The Jackie Earle Haley thing, somebody told me about it this morning; I had never heard it before in my life."

MTV went the extra mile and got Campbell talking about which other members of the Green Lantern Corp will be in the film.

"Well, Kilowog will be. Tomar-Re is in it. Sinestro is in it. Abin Sur is in it. All the origin people. Carol [Ferris], of course, who will be played by Blake Lively. All the main characters are there, and it's a complex story. The origin story of Green Lantern is complex, probably one of the most complex, which makes it a challenge to get it right."

What do you think, Maniacs? Do you like the casting of Mark Strong? Post your comments below...

Thanks to obsidian, CaptainSigma and fft5305 for the submission.




Here's a project we almost forgot about: the animated TV series 'Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes'. Well, someone has leaked the trailer for the new show on YouTube. The quality is very shoddy, but it gives you an idea of what looks to be a very cool TV series:

What do you think, Maniacs? Not too shabby so far? Post your comments below...

Thanks to CaptainSigma for the submission.


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manjisan 1/18/2010 8:17:34 AM

That shit is funny! "It's a little bit sloppy seconds, let's face it." Damn right it is. But again, we could say that about your characters/dialogue. But you sure do make a sexy looking film. Technically, Cameron will sweep this year's awards, without a doubt. Best Film and Direction? Who knows?

Mark Strong makes a more believable SInestro and he would bring an incredible weight to the character. Jackie did great as Rorschach, no doubt, but his shorter stature doesn't make him the best fit. Mark can bring it.

Black Panther needs a live-action movie. Come on, people! Get Chiwetal Ejiofor to play him, tie in Iron Man to the Vibranium and bam! Let's do this, son! Maybe Ultron later, Vision, Scarlet Witch.... hotness!!

WarCry 1/18/2010 8:18:32 AM

Reading that short synopsis of Spidey 4, I'm happy it went the way of the Dodo. Vulture as Pete's dad? And Pete kills him anyway?

Yeah, time for some new blood, in my opinion...

CommandrKetchup 1/18/2010 8:20:13 AM

What good is having a Fin Fang Foom cameo (sorta) if he doesnt even resemble the character? I mean if its just an image on a billboard at least it could look like him. And thank God Sony didnt go with Raimi's for Spider-Man 4, that synopsis was horrible. Of course with the Vulture as a main villain how could it not be terrible?

jfdavis 1/18/2010 9:15:27 AM

That Spidey synopsis seems like pure crap. Peter giving up being Spider-man bit especially seems like just a childish slam on Raimi's past films.  That wasn't the movie at all. Alas we will never know.  Spider-man is a tentpole Marvel series. By balking at spending money on it, Sony just fracked themselves up the poop chute.  Also, I still like the Vulture idea. Much better than Carnage or doing the Green Goblin again...

That drawing of Fing Fang Foom looks like a guy in armor not a dragon so I have no idea what that news means...

GL is sounding more and more as epic as Thor is shaping up to be and still no love for Spidey...

Wiseguy 1/18/2010 9:56:58 AM

1-Love strong as Sinestro, great choice. And love that they're including all the characters involved in GL's origin. Completely hyped for this movie

2-Cameron is right and let's face it, too big to take over a franchise, this isn't Cameron circa 1986 and Aliens anymore.WarCry, it says that the Vulture was his girlfriend's dad, not Pete's and agree that it had "suck" written all over it. Webb seems to be really interested, hopefully he'll do a great job if he gets it

3-Fin Fang Foom picture and version is terrible. Of course they have to let us know this is an easter egg otherwise nobody would've known what that shit was supposed to be

4-That Avengers series looks cool. When are we getting that? And how come Australia gets the Black Panther and we don't? And hopefully they'll get that Avengers vs X-Men animated film back on tack

5-Millar really loves the exposure and knows how to milk it, at least within the comic book fan community. Really looking forward to Kick Ass which looks extremely fun. Maybe Millar is talking Nolan or Goyer for Nemesis. And is Nemesis going to be an Icon series?

6-Darkness? Don't really care much. Transformers 3 with less robots and more story? Why ruin a great formula? Chew? Heard of it but damn that sounds corny as hell. I'll wait for the movie

therockdltj 1/18/2010 10:03:15 AM

it says HER father NOT peter parker's

DarthDuck 1/18/2010 10:10:58 AM

I would love to see the X-Men/Avengers movie!  Hell yeah!  I think DC has been doing great stuf with their animation lately and while Marvel may be a step or two behind at the moment, I would've loved to see that movie happen.

Putting Fing Fang Foom in IM2 is funny, obviously they won't include him as a villain, so this is a nice nod to the comics.  I think the idea of it being another suit just vibes with the movie, I won't have a problem unless he actually shows up - which he won't.

That was Raimi's idea for Spider-Man 4?  Seriously?  While I still may not be 100% on board with a reboot, anything will be better than that mess would've been!!  I may throw up...

Avengers cartoon looks like fun, and anything that includes KANG is automatically awesome!  It sure isn't the next Batman:TAS but I look forward to it none the less

Please tel me Ch'p will be in GL.


silversurfer 1/18/2010 10:23:53 AM

No wonder SM went south....that story is bad; even to read it.

Sinestro is going to be cool...if Mark Strong can do it?

Cameron wouldn't do it now, because he doesn't need the exposure and he's James F'ing Cameron; that was him giving Sony/Marvel the finger....

Avenger's Cartoon would've been cool....

I do agree that a live action Black Panther would be excellent...who's to say that we won't get it at some point in the future? Let's see how the cartoon works, although I'm concerned that it's going to air on BET....programming for that channel sucks..

Fing Fang Foom doesn't need to show up in Iron Man at all....

xenomorph 1/18/2010 10:38:57 AM

What network is the avengers toon going to be on?

swisshammer 1/18/2010 10:50:31 AM

I cannot wait for Green Lantern! I think Strong is a much better choice that Jackie Earl Haley and I'm excited that they're going to show all of my favorite GL Corps members.

I'm wondering what you guys think. Do you think that Sinestro will have that magenta-colored skin or do you think that his skin will be toned down to look more natural? There are some fantastic looking GLs in the Corps and I can't wait to see how they design them!

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