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manjisan 1/18/2010 8:17:34 AM

That shit is funny! "It's a little bit sloppy seconds, let's face it." Damn right it is. But again, we could say that about your characters/dialogue. But you sure do make a sexy looking film. Technically, Cameron will sweep this year's awards, without a doubt. Best Film and Direction? Who knows?

Mark Strong makes a more believable SInestro and he would bring an incredible weight to the character. Jackie did great as Rorschach, no doubt, but his shorter stature doesn't make him the best fit. Mark can bring it.

Black Panther needs a live-action movie. Come on, people! Get Chiwetal Ejiofor to play him, tie in Iron Man to the Vibranium and bam! Let's do this, son! Maybe Ultron later, Vision, Scarlet Witch.... hotness!!

WarCry 1/18/2010 8:18:32 AM

Reading that short synopsis of Spidey 4, I'm happy it went the way of the Dodo. Vulture as Pete's dad? And Pete kills him anyway?

Yeah, time for some new blood, in my opinion...

CommandrKetchup 1/18/2010 8:20:13 AM

What good is having a Fin Fang Foom cameo (sorta) if he doesnt even resemble the character? I mean if its just an image on a billboard at least it could look like him. And thank God Sony didnt go with Raimi's for Spider-Man 4, that synopsis was horrible. Of course with the Vulture as a main villain how could it not be terrible?

jfdavis 1/18/2010 9:15:27 AM

That Spidey synopsis seems like pure crap. Peter giving up being Spider-man bit especially seems like just a childish slam on Raimi's past films.  That wasn't the movie at all. Alas we will never know.  Spider-man is a tentpole Marvel series. By balking at spending money on it, Sony just fracked themselves up the poop chute.  Also, I still like the Vulture idea. Much better than Carnage or doing the Green Goblin again...

That drawing of Fing Fang Foom looks like a guy in armor not a dragon so I have no idea what that news means...

GL is sounding more and more as epic as Thor is shaping up to be and still no love for Spidey...

Wiseguy 1/18/2010 9:56:58 AM

1-Love strong as Sinestro, great choice. And love that they're including all the characters involved in GL's origin. Completely hyped for this movie

2-Cameron is right and let's face it, too big to take over a franchise, this isn't Cameron circa 1986 and Aliens anymore.WarCry, it says that the Vulture was his girlfriend's dad, not Pete's and agree that it had "suck" written all over it. Webb seems to be really interested, hopefully he'll do a great job if he gets it

3-Fin Fang Foom picture and version is terrible. Of course they have to let us know this is an easter egg otherwise nobody would've known what that shit was supposed to be

4-That Avengers series looks cool. When are we getting that? And how come Australia gets the Black Panther and we don't? And hopefully they'll get that Avengers vs X-Men animated film back on tack

5-Millar really loves the exposure and knows how to milk it, at least within the comic book fan community. Really looking forward to Kick Ass which looks extremely fun. Maybe Millar is talking Nolan or Goyer for Nemesis. And is Nemesis going to be an Icon series?

6-Darkness? Don't really care much. Transformers 3 with less robots and more story? Why ruin a great formula? Chew? Heard of it but damn that sounds corny as hell. I'll wait for the movie

therockdltj 1/18/2010 10:03:15 AM

it says HER father NOT peter parker's

DarthDuck 1/18/2010 10:10:58 AM

I would love to see the X-Men/Avengers movie!  Hell yeah!  I think DC has been doing great stuf with their animation lately and while Marvel may be a step or two behind at the moment, I would've loved to see that movie happen.

Putting Fing Fang Foom in IM2 is funny, obviously they won't include him as a villain, so this is a nice nod to the comics.  I think the idea of it being another suit just vibes with the movie, I won't have a problem unless he actually shows up - which he won't.

That was Raimi's idea for Spider-Man 4?  Seriously?  While I still may not be 100% on board with a reboot, anything will be better than that mess would've been!!  I may throw up...

Avengers cartoon looks like fun, and anything that includes KANG is automatically awesome!  It sure isn't the next Batman:TAS but I look forward to it none the less

Please tel me Ch'p will be in GL.


silversurfer 1/18/2010 10:23:53 AM

No wonder SM went south....that story is bad; even to read it.

Sinestro is going to be cool...if Mark Strong can do it?

Cameron wouldn't do it now, because he doesn't need the exposure and he's James F'ing Cameron; that was him giving Sony/Marvel the finger....

Avenger's Cartoon would've been cool....

I do agree that a live action Black Panther would be excellent...who's to say that we won't get it at some point in the future? Let's see how the cartoon works, although I'm concerned that it's going to air on BET....programming for that channel sucks..

Fing Fang Foom doesn't need to show up in Iron Man at all....

xenomorph 1/18/2010 10:38:57 AM

What network is the avengers toon going to be on?

swisshammer 1/18/2010 10:50:31 AM

I cannot wait for Green Lantern! I think Strong is a much better choice that Jackie Earl Haley and I'm excited that they're going to show all of my favorite GL Corps members.

I'm wondering what you guys think. Do you think that Sinestro will have that magenta-colored skin or do you think that his skin will be toned down to look more natural? There are some fantastic looking GLs in the Corps and I can't wait to see how they design them!

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