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It's been several years since their high school graduation, and a few long time friends are starting to talk about marriage. While each of them has their own love dilemmas, Shizuka is the only one who has no interest in a relationship. The others are concerned about her quiet ways and unrecognized beauty. Her best friend Maki finally registers her in a dating service called 'The Wedding Club' and Shizuka reluctantly agrees to meet her match. But when the man she meets is not exactly her type, Shizuka wonders if her red string of fate has already been cut...Five beautiful young women are all sisters, each a year apart. after Mami, the youngest sister, gets engaged, Kiyomi is the only single girl left. She's not interested in a relationship, but when her co-worker asks her on a date, the four sisters intervene. They talk Mikimaro into proposing to Kiyomi, but her cool attitude proves to be quite daunting. Will Mikimaro finally build up enough courage to pop the big question?

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Marriage by Media Blasters