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Marvel Chief Talks Movies

By Rob M. Worley     March 18, 2002

Newsaramasat down with Marvel studios big wig Avi Arad for a update on all the Marvelmovie projects. Arad was able to comment on a number of projects that are in thepipeline for the studio.

Arad told Newsaramathat cameras are set to roll on the X-Men sequel in late April. "The whole cast is back, plus new characters," said Arad. "Now that we have established what the X-Men are in the first movie, we can get into the thick of things quickly. We see the mutants a couple years after the first film, everything is bigger, more elaborate, more action and more sex."

According to thereport, Deathlok is being reworked to diminish the similaritiesbetween that character and The Terminator. This is in spite of thefact that the Marvel cyborg predates the James Cameron movie franchise by manyyears.

Iron Fist is about to go into pre-production,according to the report. Arad also hopes to make a big announcement on GhostRider soon.

Dr.Strange and Werewolf By Night are in development at Dimension Studios.

Arad said the Sub-Marinermovie at Universal is "looking great."

DamageControl, which once looked promising, has "fallen apart,"according to Arad.

Cloak& Dagger which had been in development as a feature film is now saidto be in the works as a Buffy-esque TV series.


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