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Marvel Comics November Solicitation HEROES

Take a sneak peek at November's super-hero books

By Eric Moro     August 22, 2001
Source: Marvel Comics

Cover art to INCREDIBLE HULK #34
© 2001 Marvel Comics

Due out this November from the Marvel Comics line of hero books:


Cover by Kaare Andrews

Written by Bruce Jones; art by John Romita, Jr. and Tom Palmer

Beginning a new era as legendary horror comics' writer Bruce Jones (Creepy, Eerie), penciler John Romita, Jr., inker Tom Palmer, and cover artist Kaare Andrews bring you a bold vision of the monster known as the Hulk! When Banner crosses paths with a young boy who's made a pact with the Devil, Banner must consider playing the one trump card at his disposal -- but dare he conjure it?


Cover by Richard Corben

What would you do if you knew that you were a ticking time bomb? If you knew that your continued existence meant unlimited death and destruction? What would you do if at any moment you could transform into the rampaging monster known as the Hulk? You see, nerdy scientist Bruce Banner has to answer those questions. For when he loses his cool, the 98-lb. weakling transforms into a 1,000-lb., green-skinned engine of devastation! Relentlessly tormented by his monstrous "id," and vigilantly pursued by an elite military unit headed by the enigmatic Doc Samson, Banner has nowhere to hide. After all, how can you outrun the mass murderer inside you?



Cover by Yoshitaka Amano

Written by Greg Rucka; art by Yoshitaka Amano

A paid killer. A key witness. A sworn protector. Three lives joined together by the sinister hand of a shadowy government. Elektra, the deadly ninja assassin, and Logan, the mutant known as Wolverine, are both best at what they do. But they just may have met their match in the other, as the two supremely skilled fighters face off in the streets of New York over the fate of a teenaged girl harboring a secret for which both sides are willing to kill.

For the mercenary and enigmatic assassin Elektra Natchios, it was to be a standard night's work: to make death happen. The target: a wealthy and powerful scientist. The price: eight million dollars for a clean hit -- no witnesses. When the target's teenaged daughter Avery stumbles onto the murder at the critical moment, Elektra knows the girl must be taken out at all costs. But for the assassin still haunted by the pain of seeing her own father's death, taking out a girl eerily reminiscent of herself proves to be more difficult than expected -- especially after Wolverine is hired to protect the key witness. Enticed into the role of bodyguard by a reptilian government agent who promises to illuminate his clouded past, Logan must keep the girl safe in exchange for the answers to the questions that relentlessly plague him. For the assassin, leaving Avery alive presents a far greater threat than her ability to identify the killer to the authorities it is the key to unleashing a force within Elektra that is so powerful even she never dared hope it exists.


Heads up, True Believers! In honor of our fantastic 40th Anniversary, we're counting down the 100 best Marvel Comics ever -- and we're reprinting the Top 5 based on your votes! Over 50,000 ballots were sent in to The House, each one hand-counted and tabulated with tenacity by our very own boisterous Bullpen! The results were sealed and guarded by Lockjaw -- until now! What are the top titles that we've ever printed? The voting spanned every era of Marvel majesty -- but we're not saying who came out the winners just yet, gang! The only way to find out is to pick up these collector reprints as we work our way down to what you, the mighty Marvel masses, have deemed the #1, hands-down champion -- the Greatest Marvel Comic Of All Time!


Months ago we asked you: "What are your favorite Marvel comics of all time?" Now, after endless hours of tabulations, discussions and all-out arguments, The House is ready to release the results! This issue contains choice #4... but what story is it? The countdown has begun -- so get ready to experience the best of the best!


Cover by Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Merino

Written by Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Marin and Jeph Loeb; art by Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Merino

Abraxas -- the conclusion! It's the end of Carlos Pacheco's grand run! Having collected the Ultimate Nullifier and confronted Abraxas -- who stands poised to destroy the Multiverse -- the Fantastic Four fear it's all for naught. With the end of time near, they turn at last to the one force capable of confronting this ultimate evil... but you'll have to buy this comic to find out what that force is!

Cover art to THOR #43

THOR #43

Cover by Tom Raney and Klaus Janson

Written by Dan Jurgens; art by Joe Bennett and Jadson

Thor: King of Asgard! With the shocking death of Odin turning his world upside down, the Thunder God grapples with his new position -- and his new power -- as Tarene does battle with a foe from Thor's past -- a conflict that will take the thunderer beyond the pale of death itself!


Months ago we asked you: "What are your favorite Marvel comics of all time?" Now, after endless hours of tabulations, discussions and all-out arguments, The House is ready to release the results! This issue contains choice #3... but what classic comic is it? The countdown has begun -- get ready to experience the best of the best!


Cover by Jorge Santamaria and Scott Hanna

Written by Steve Englehart; art by Jorge Santamaria and Scott Hanna

Meet the savior of the Universe: Quoi, son of Mantis, the Celestial Messiah! But might the mad titan named Thanos be right to seek his demise?


Cover by Steve Uy

Written by Christopher Priest; art by Sal Velluto and Bob Almond

Black Panther heads back to New York City just in time to help Everrett K. Ross with his recent problems. But will T'Challa be able to return his friend to his true form... or will Ross be stuck as he is forever? And what does this have to do with the ancient and deadly menace of the Black Dragon? Guest-starring a plethora of heroes, including Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, and Iron Fist!


Cover by Erik Larsen

Written by Kurt Busiek and Erik Larsen; art by Erik Larsen and Sal Buscema

Finally, the Defenders wage all-out war to free Atlantis from Attuma and his Deep Six! Where brute strength failed, will duplicity succeed -- or will Dr. Strange's change of personality doom them all?



Cover by Leonardo Manco

Written by Chuck Dixon; art by Leonardo Manco

Doom is truth. Doom has conquered an entire world. What remains for Doom? Faced with revolution and civil war, the metal-faced monarch moves to Planet Doom's core to tap a mysterious energy store. Once there, he absorbs a nearly limitless power source, giving him the power to reshape the planet to match his every whim! With ultimate power in his grasp, Doom quickly grows bored, seeking greater challenges, with even greater consequences... like conquering an entire dimension!


Cover by Ian Churchill

Written by Frank Tieri; art by Keron Grant and Rob Stull

"The Frankenstein Syndrome" concludes as a badly injured Iron Man must battle alone against the architect of his recent miseries -- one of the Avengers' greatest enemies!


Months ago we asked you: "What are your favorite Marvel comics of all time?" Now, after endless hours of tabulations, discussions and all-out arguments, The House is ready to release the results! This issue contains choice #2... but what story is it? Which incredible issue made the cut? Get ready for the best!


Cover by Dan Jurgens and Bob Layton

Written by Dan Jurgens; art by Dan Jurgens

Captain America starts a bold new life! After the events of "America Lost," Steve Rogers relaxes with his pal Sam Wilson to get his bearings on his life. Specifically, his love life, bringing a final resolution to the hot topic: who's the best woman for Captain America? These events will completely change Cap's wife. Wait, did we say "wife"? Perhaps we really meant, "life"? Oops! What a mighty Marvel miscue! Or was it?!


Cover by Chriscross and Anibal Rodriguez

Written by Peter David; art by Chriscross and Anibal Rodriguez

The shocking climax to Captain Marvel's foray into the Negative Zone! A totally unexpected appearance by Quasar! The fate of Una-Rogg! And... fresh baked cookies!


Cover by Erik Larsen & Joe Sinnott

Stan "The Man" Lee scripts the fantabulous FANTASTIC FOUR from the days of yore in his own often imitated, but never duplicated fashion! Everyone from the Fearless Front Facers to the Quite 'Nuff Sayers will be here, so don't be square and miss out on the conclusion of our 12-issue retro run! It's Dr. Doom vs. Galactus and the FF vs. Dr. Doom, with the fate of the world, nay, the universe, in the balance!


Photo cover

Written by Howard Chaykin and David Tischman; art by Lee Ferguson and Jon Holdredge

The exciting new comic book based on the new syndicated TV series continues! The G.S.A.'s new assassin is an unstoppable mutant named Payne, but the only hope that Adam and the Mutant X team have is Payne's twin brother Owen -- a powerless reporter who's looking to bolster his career by exposing our heroes! Ever wonder what adventures these heroes have in between episodes of the TV show? The answer lies here! Premiering in October, Mutant X has been cleared by a multitude of TV stations across the U.S. in 146 markets, including 95 out of 100 of the top TV markets!


Cover by Tom Derenick

Written by Robert Weinberg; art by Tom Derenick

The supernatural series by award-winning horror writer Robert Weinberg continues! Detective Sydney Taine's investigation takes her deeper and deeper into the realm of The Others -- a race that has existed clandestinely alongside humanity for thousands of years -- but they're the least of Taine's problems! What is the Black Dragon Society? Why have they targeted certain rulers of the Other's underworld? And, what secret does Sydney herself conceal?


Painted cover by Steve Rude

Written by Kurt Busiek; art by Steve Rude and Mike Royer

In present day, Thor faces his final confrontation with the lethal Godstorm! And as the myths of the Thunder God are tied together across the ages, the trickster Loki stands ready to reap the whirlwind!


Cover by Patrick Zircher & Al Vey

Written by Fabian Nicieza; art by Patrick Zircher and Al Vey

Reunited by the looming threat of Graviton, the Thunderbolts strike as never before, with their own liberty on the line -- but due to the shocking climax, that's going to prove the least of their worries!


Months ago we asked you: "What are your favorite Marvel comics of all time?" Now, after endless hours of tabulations, discussions and all-out arguments, The House is ready to release the results! This issue contains choice #1... but what titanic tale did you choose as the very best of all time? Find out on November 28th!


Cover by Kieron Dwyer

Written by Kurt Busiek; art by Kieron Dwyer

LCD's Kieron Dwyer signs on board as new regular penciler as an Avengers strike force has only 24 hours to stage an assault on Kang's floating Damocles Base -- before the Sentinels are unleashed! Meanwhile, the triple-evil the Triunes have been waiting for arrives in the solar system, as the rest of the team grapples with the Master of the World for the fate of North America!


Cover by Michael Lopez

Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning; art by Michael Lopez and Scott Hanna

Dracula strikes the new Bloodstone! Elsa Bloodstone has inherited her father's powers, but will she follow in his footsteps and wind up dead, as well?! The brand new Bloodstone meets up with one of her father's greatest enemies, the deadly Dracula! Will she be able to survive her first big test as the second-generation monster hunter? Or will Dracula put an end to her before she even gets a chance to prove herself? And what's she going to do if her mom finds out what she's been doing all night? With design help from Alex Ross, this new four-issue series is a fun, light-hearted romp through the world of the supernatural!



Painted cover by Alex Ross

Written by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger; art by Steve Pugh

X-51's group of Heralds continue their desperate attempt to save all the alternate Earths in the Multiverse from the same fate that befell Earth X ... but will their efforts be in vain? Featuring Wolverine, Spider-Girl, Killraven, Hyperion, Bloodstorm, Deathlok and the Iron Man of 2020!


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