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Marvel experiments with "widescreen" format

Horizontal comic dubbed MarvelScope

By Eric Moro     July 05, 2001
Source: Marvel Comics

THE NEW X-MEN 2001 ANNUAL uses MarvelScope to tell its widescreen story
© 2001 Marvel Comics

They've changed their roster. They've changed their look. Now, publishing powerhouse Marvel Comics is changing the X-Men's format... their physical book format, that is.

In the upcoming NEW X-MEN 2001 ANNUAL, the House of Ideas will experiment with a new publishing format. Dubbed MarvelScope, the horizontally designed book is meant to simulate the widescreen feel of a movie screen within the pages of a comic. Instead of applying staples on its vertical spine, the binding is placed on the horizontal top of the book, thus allowing for wider pages and larger sized panels (interestingly, although this is being billed as an innovative new design, John Byrne already utilized the horizontal layout concept way back in FANTASTIC FOUR #252).

The 48-page annual is crafted by the same creative team behind the ongoing series (writer Grant Morrison and penciler Leinil Yu) and takes the team of mutants to Mongolia where someone is mysteriously seizing gigantic tracts of tundra. Along the way, they encounter a familiar face: the mutant known as Domino. But is this once former ally friend or foe?

Click on the thumbnails below to preview THE NEW X-MEN 2001 ANNUAL in MarvelScope.


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