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Toy Biz gives Marvel's classic characters a legendary treatment

By Andrew Kardon     April 29, 2002

Toy Biz is a place where Legends are made. No, really.

Yes, these guys continue to put out some fantastic action figures based on the coolest Marvel Comics characters around. But that's not what's so legendary about them. Uh uh. The NY-based toy company is soon releasing what it hopes to be the definitive superhero action figure line: MARVEL LEGENDS.

With the first MARVEL LEGENDS line set to ship any day now, fans can soon start collecting their favorite Marvel characters in one highly detailed and articulated line. Set in the now-standard 6-inch scale, Toy Biz figured it was time to take some of the heat Marvel's characters have been generating, and mold that into plastic.


"Basically, Marvel's going through a bit of a resurgence right now," says Toy Biz Senior Product Manager Jesse Falcon. "The books have completely turned around 180 degrees. Marvel has deals at every major Hollywood studio right now. If there aren't movies being made, they're in pre-production, or there are deals being cut. Marvel's a hot Hollywood commodity. So what we wanted to do was take the classic iconic looks of the Marvel characters and do them in a super-detailed, super-articulated way for each figure."

And just like the figures from the SPIDER-MAN: CLASSICS line, each fully articulated MARVEL LEGENDS figure will come packaged with a classic comic book that really shows off the character. They'll also come with individual wall-mountable display bases.


Yeah, yeah, that's great and all, but just who the heck are they making? Well, first up are a few icons and an amphibian. The first wave includes classic interpretations of IRON MAN, THE HULK, CAPTAIN AMERICA and THE TOAD. Lucky collectors will get their hands on the first wave's variant figure: a special Steve Ditko-version of Iron Man. This rare Shell-Head will sport a pointed mask and different colored armor.

The second wave, due out in September, includes NAMOR, DR. DOOM, THE THING and THE HUMAN TORCH. Early prototypes of this quartet were shown at this year's New York Toy Fair show, but you can feast your eyes on these more-finished product photos from Toy Biz. As for who the chase figure is in the second wave, the answer's right beneath your nose. Or to be more precise, beneath DOOM's nose.

"For assortment 2, we're gonna have a variant on the face of DOOM," reveals Falcon. "So when you pull off the mask it'll be Doom Bots and then the rare one will be the actual face of Doom. And actually the guy who's face is it, is a buddy of ours who is a writer for Conan O'Brien. There was an old Jack Kirby drawing that just had Doom with a teeny tiny scar on his face. And the lore goes that back in the day, Doom had only just received a slight scar on his face. But he was so vain that he completely covered his body with this metal. We just thought that was really cool."


To find out who's making the cut for MARVEL LEGENDS' third assortment, head yourself out to San Diego Con this August. That's where Toy Biz plans to spill the beans.


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