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Wiseguy 1/9/2014 6:24:03 PM

Whoa I didn't know that bit about Luke Cage. It makes sense since it is Seagate Prison.

Marvel may be laying down the seeds for the Netflix series with Cage.

Modo 1/9/2014 8:21:46 PM

Well I hope they are laying a seed for Luke Cage, because they laid a big, fat pile of steaming manure with the whole Trevor Slattery / Mandarin crap in Iron Man 3...

snoopyrawdogg 1/9/2014 9:16:33 PM

 In the last pic isn't that model/actor TYSON BECKFORD? he Luke Cage?

tallman 1/10/2014 12:02:22 AM

 I remember when everyone thought Thor was fighting Luke Cage in the first Thor film (it supposedly was the guard by the hammer) Anyhoo, will be good to see some Powerman action and I'll be watching this short for sure. By the way... I liked Trevor. Give him a netflix series.

jedibanner 1/10/2014 5:26:59 AM

I guess I will wait for the Phase II special box set...might take a while but, should be fun.

axia777 1/10/2014 8:00:41 AM

 So then does this mean the real Mandarin will come into the MCU movies? The Chinese one that kicks ass and is basically an evil Tony Stark with alien technology?

If that is true and then they make the real Mandarin come in that would kick so much ass. Then they need for the real Mandarin to be the villain in the next Iron Man movie.

And they had better make him Chinese! The man who was in the Grand Master, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, would make for one kick ass Mandarin.

axia777 1/10/2014 8:01:45 AM

Also, they would not be setting Luke Cage up for anything in any movies as they are making the Netflix show of him with Iron Fist, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones.

DarthBob 1/10/2014 8:07:57 AM

I didn't mind the whole Trevor Slattery approach because I don't think we've seen the real Mandarin yet.

axia777 1/10/2014 9:28:39 AM

I really think that Shane Black wanted Trevor to be the fake Mandarin. I do not believe that they had originally intended for the retcon of the movie to introduce the real Mandarin into the mix. This was planned after Marvel realized that Shane Black and crew fucked it all up. This is a fix, not a plan.


Wiseguy 1/10/2014 9:57:51 AM

I love Trevor. Marvel should give him his own show

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