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Marvel Producer Talks THOR Animated Movie


By Rob M .Worley     February 03, 2010
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Marvel Producer Talks 'Thor' Animated Movie. Plus: More possible 'Young Justice' art. A new 'Smallville' clip. Stewart talks 'X-Men: First Class'  and more! How is it on the plane when it's still on the island? How? It's your Comics2Film 10.2.3, that's how!



ASTERIX 4 in the Works

If you're a fan of the movies based on the French comic book Gaul warrior called Asterix then you may be interested to know that a fourth film in the series is in the works, according to today's Variety.

Fidelite Films' Marc Missonnier and Olivier Delbosc are set to produce 'Asterix chez les Bretons' (translated: 'Asterix in Britain'). The live-action franchise yielded two hits,  'Asterix and Obelix vs Caesar' and 'Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra' , while the third installment, 'Asterix at the Olympic Games' was a box office disappointment.

None of the films have ever been officially released in the U.S., although Miramax obtained the distribution rights to them years ago.

Actor Christian Clavier played Asterix in the first two films while Clovis Cornillac replaced him for the third. Gérard Depardieu starred as the sidekick Obelix in all three. At this point the cast for the new film is not set.

'Asterix in Britain' will be based on the comic series of the same name. It was previously adapted as an animated movie in the 1980s.

Missonnier and Delbosc are coming off of their recent hit 'Little Nicholas' based on the kids book series.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.




A blurb in Variety concerning the next wave of 3D movies reveals that Paramount are keen to have Michael Bay's 'Transformers 3' film in 3D. The director and studio have been talking with Industrial Light & Magic about how to best make that happen. The big concern is the timetable as 'T3' is set to roll cameras this summer and be in theaters July of next year, which could prove problematic for the 3D process.



Poster for ADELE BLANC SEC starring Louise Bourgoin

New Poster for ADELE BLANC-SEC

One of the more intriguing comic-based movies on the horizon is Luc Besson's period genre pic 'Les Aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec'. The film seems to be a direct adaptation of the 1976 graphic novel "Adèle and the Beast", which finds the heroine investigating a pterodactyl that is menacing Paris. have revealed a new poster for the French-language film featuring star Louise Bourgoin face-to-face with said pterodactyl. Click the thumbnail for a closer look.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Patrick Stewart Has no Expectations for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS reports on an appearance by actor Patrick Stewart at the recent OzTrek2 convention in Australia.

The actor answered questions about a number of projects he's rumored to be involved in, including the 'X-Men: First Class' film, which would focus on the early days of Charles Xavier's school for mutants.

Stewart told fans that playing Professor X in the previous four 'X-Men' movies was "one of the best and most fun experiences" he has ever had, and that it was "the best job in the world."

Stewart also said that he doesn't expect to be involved with the 'First Class' movie and that they'll likely cast a younger actor in the role of Xavier. However, if the opportunity came up he'd love to get some screen time with Sir Ian McKellan again.



Is this design for Aqualad from the purported YOUNG JUSTICE cartoon?

Another YOUNG JUSTICE Image?

In the wake of yesterdays 'Young Justice League' story, actress Stephanie Lemelin as expunged any mention of the purported animated series from her blog. Not surprisingly, someone at DC Entertainment was probably miffed that the project leaked and had a chat with the actress. Of course, there's no unringing the bell on the internet, as her comments and the attendant artwork has been recorded and duplicated many times over.

At any rate, the Bleeding Cool has laid hands on another image which may be from the mystery production. This one features a jazzed-up Aqualad and looks as if it was photographed off of a TV monitor. Their sources say that DC plans to do a full court publicity press on the show at Comic-Con this year.



Sandman's SMALLVILLE: ABSOLUTE JUSTICE Appearance Revealed

A new clip from the  'Smallville' movie "Absolute Justice" has appeared online.

We have to issue a SPOILER WARNING on this one as it seems to reveal something major with regards to the Golden Age Sandman's role in the show. However, it does also seem to be a sanctioned CW web clip so perhaps it isn't such a devastating plot point after all. At any rate, here's that clip:

Thanks to gauleyboy420 for the submission.



Marvel Producer talks THOR Animated Film

While DC Entertainment is pumping out about three quality DVD animated movies a year, Marvel Entertainment is moving at a slight slower pace. Never the less, they have 'Planet Hulk' in stores this week and the next effort will be 'Thor: Tales of Asgard' timed to coincide with the 'Thor' feature film.

The Comics Continuum sat down with Marvel Animation producer and writer Josh Fine to talk about the feature and what comes after.

Fine said fans can expect to see the movie in 2011. "['Tales of Asgard'] is loosely inspired by a comic book story called 'Son of Asgard' that explored thor as a younger teenager," Fine explains. That eight-issue series was written by Akira Yoshida and detailed young the adventures of young Thor, Loki, Sif and others, building up to the young God's attainment of the Mjilnor hammer.

Fine says Marvel is also considering what their next movies may be. Here is the complete video interview clip:

What do you think, Maniacs? Are you excited for TALES OF ASGARD? What other Marvel stories should they adapt for animation? Post your comments below...

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.




Often times when we mention a show like 'Batman: The Brave and the Bold' we get a strong negative reaction from some of you Maniacs out there. The notion of a Batman show for kids just doesn't sit well with fans who prefer 'The Dark Knight'. Well, for those of you who think Batman should be adults only, here's a trailer for a brand-new project:

'Batman XXX'!



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AntoBlueberry 2/3/2010 8:49:35 AM

I don't agree with the Variety writer about "Asterix at the Olympic Games" being a b.o. disappointment.

It made 131 million $ in theaters ( more than some more expensive Hollywood movies.

madmanic999 2/3/2010 8:53:32 AM

Thos as a teenager... hmmmm.. why are all these shows coming out with young this and junior that and teen whozamawatsit... Lil Petey Parker and the Spiderbabies....

Transformers in 3D, now it will suck in a new dimension...

Terradactyles in Paris.... AGAIN.... that old story...

I hate Smallville but Sandman looks less lame than the kid in the red tshirt...

Batman XXX.... watch out for the UTILITY BELT.... get it, utility belt... No me either

cellarboylives 2/3/2010 9:01:25 AM

Yeah, I'm not a fan of Smallville either, but must admit that the last couple of promos shown here have got my interest.

therockdltj 2/3/2010 9:11:37 AM

sweet another awesome Transformers movie and even better now that it will be in 3D and I like Batman brave and the bold

Darkknight2280 2/3/2010 9:29:54 AM

I agree Batman Brave and the bold is good for the most part. Have to say i have not liked the past 2-3 episodes though. I really like when he is dealing with Guy Gardner and the lanterns. I think they need to use more of Batman's top shelf villans. This clock king bullcrap is killing me.

Wiseguy 2/3/2010 9:32:32 AM

I'd love a teenage or coming of age Thor story, why not. This is a period of his life where Marvel comics rarely delve into. Sign me up. I guess I'm not as grumpy as some that only want mature and gritty stories all the time

Love Smallville and looking forward to Absolute Justice

Never heard of asterix and don't care nor for Adele de blanc for that matter

X-Men First Class needs to be closer aligned with the comics and disregard all the disfavor Singer did to the franchise

Transformers 3D! See how clever that is, the 3 works in two ways, one indicating the 3rd part in the franchise and then as part of 3D. Michael Bay is a genius :) Looking forward to some robot pissing oil into the audience

I know I'm a little slow but where was the joke in that Batman parody



redhairs99 2/3/2010 10:28:21 AM

I don't know if that spoiler warning above for Smallville does a lot of good given the still video image on the youtube player and the title on top of said still shot.

redhairs99 2/3/2010 10:31:42 AM

Wise, I didn't really get the "joke" in the parody either.  I guess that's just a trailer for a new porn, no real "funny, haha" there in terms of the word "parody."  I am curious how they got the rights to use the footage from the old Batman series since they can't even seem to get the rights together to put out a DVD set of the original series.

gauleyboy420 2/3/2010 10:46:04 AM

Sign me up for Transformer 3-D I know I'm the only one on this site, and possibly the word, that liked the first two movies, but I'm down for a third (Dont really need the 3-D though)

@ Wiseguy, I think I read Singer is back for 1st Class, WHICJ H IS AWESOME!!!! Because I think Singer did a FANTASTIC job on the first 2 X-movies. Definitely 2 of the best Comic movies to date. (Wow! we really have some different taste on comic movies, don't hate me baby)

I stopped watching SMALLVILLE after season 3, but am gonna watch this Absolute Justice movie. I fell inlove with JSA this summer because of reading old Geoff Johnns JSA's from the 90's and even older Crisis on Multiple Earths trades from the 60's

I could watch 2 1/2 min of the Batman XXX movie ;) I wanna see Catwoman vs. Batgirl

gauleyboy420 2/3/2010 10:48:21 AM

OH!, AND I just started watching Season 1 of Batman B&B, I LOVE IT!

I thought it was gonna be kiddie and too campy and stupid.

Well It's a little of all of those but it's awesome!

It genuinely makes me laugh loudly. And it keeps Batmans integrity intact. He's a great straightman. AND it delves into darker undertones everynow and then.

I'm really impressed by it

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