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tallman 4/3/2012 7:56:47 AM

 I'm on there and just had a look. To be honest it's not much different to any of the news/updates we can see on here or any other movie website. Nothing special, nothing to see here so move along please.

JacenBlade 4/3/2012 9:02:27 AM

Anyone else doing the Marvel Superhero Marathon on May 3?  For 40 bucks you see Iron Man, Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America then at midnight The Avengers.  As a fan, how could I pass it up.  Have stopped watching previews and clips, I want it all fresh.

FrozenFear 4/3/2012 9:58:41 AM

Went to Facebook as commanded and the contest was already over :(

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 4/3/2012 10:53:44 AM

I don't know what the big deal about not joining Facebook is. It's not bad. It's what you do with. It's basically a glorified way better version of email.

phantomx69 4/4/2012 10:22:53 AM

you mean you guys don't have facebook thought everyone did!! some of the best genre groups our on facebook!!

OmegaDean 4/4/2012 2:15:09 PM

Facebook is just like this...only with way more people and drama. I joined in hopes pf getting Phoenix on the map for an early showing.


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