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MARVEL Studio Head Talks Future Movies

By Jarrod Sarafin, News Editor     June 25, 2007
Source: Robert Sanchez at

All the various Marvel owned superheroes posing for the camera.
© Marvel Enterprises

There is no question Marvel studios is on top of their game in recent years. Their franchises continue to impress audiences in transferring from comic book form to the big screen. Sure, there are the occasional misses with both critics and audiences but for the most part, they're on a roll with their perspective franchises. In the past, Marvel would sell the movie rights to their superheroes and graphic novels and there would be a hodgepodge of various big screen versions hitting the screen from different studios at any given time.

No more of that from Marvel. The studio has began a policy of taking over their movie rights and character storylines and staying in charge of their properties. If you include the equation that Marvel Studios is now maintaining more of that controlling grip on any future film adaptations of their films, it can only be more positive for Marvel and its leadership.

That said, they have a lot of new movies to oversee. Here's a list  of upcoming Marvel based movies:

Doctor Strange
Punisher 2
Iron Man
Nick Fury
Iron Fist
Ant Man
The Incredible Hulk
Spider-Man 4
Silver Surfer
The Avengers
Captain America


With so many movies on the agenda for Marvel, obviously there are a lot of questionable factors which come into play on which movies come first and which movies fall into development hell for a while. Things have to come together with a script, directors, producers and stars getting attached before they go into production.

Well, to get some answers from the Marvel Studios, the press had their chance. The press was invited on the set of Iron Man and they had a sit down with Kevin Seige from Marvel on the future of all these movies along with the past films. Some pretty decent questions were asked and even better answers were given.

Robert Sanchez from posted some of those questions for all of us.

Q: Now that these are self funded films, how have things changed, like how would Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer be different if Marvel would have had 100% control?

Kevin Feige: Have you seen it? It’s very good.  I wont speak specifically to that, how would it be different? And the truth is obviously if you look at the X-Men film and the Spider-Man films, we’ve had great partnerships but it’s nice in having the final say. I think that anyone in this town will tell you that, it’s very nice to have complete control over it and I think we’ve learned good things and bad things from all the experiences we’ve had and all the movies we’ve made and the pressure now of course if there’s something people don’t like or respond to, there’s no one else to point to, you’re at the end of the line, it’s just us. It’s empowering and again we feel that the good decisions that have been made along the way in all of our films, we had a great deal to with and we will continue that.

Q: The fact that Marvel is controlling Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, is there a possibility of having an Ultimate Avengers storyline in a future film?

KF: I would love to, yeah, the idea that what was preventing certain characters from crossing over in the past, cause the fact that they were all div-ied up by different studios and there was big giant gates in between them and they couldn’t play in the same sand box and now that we have Hulk and Thor and Cap and Iron and Ant Man, it would certainly indicate to me that it would be fun to see them play in the same sand box at some point but certainly were introducing them and building them in there own franchises first.

Q: With having announced David Goyer as the director of Magneto, his take on comic books tend to be very dark, are you going in a very dark direction with that?

KF: If anyone knows Magneto’s history or remembers the first scene of X-Men 1, it’s not the lightest story. Magneto certainly will have elements that are very well suited for Goyer’s taste.

Q: How close are to a director on Wolverine? D.J. Caruso really directing the film?

KF: We’ve not signed a director yet, Fox has not signed a director yet, a lot of people in the mix. It’s hard, I think it’s very close, I’ve thought that for four or five weeks now.

Q: Which one will go first, Wolverine or Magneto?

KF: I think Wolverine will be released first.

Q: Are you worried about an over saturation of comic book films in the market place?

KF: You know, people have been asking me that question since 2002 when Spider-Man came out. “We’ve had Blade, we’ve had X-Men, we’ve had Spider-Man, when is enough enough?”  It’s been five years since then. I would only be worried about it if they all start being exactly the same, if they are being told exactly the same way. If they were all about a guy who put on a spandex costume and ran into an alley and beat up a mugger, but they are not and I think that whether you are familiar with the comic lore or if you happened to go see the movies, Iron Man and Hulk are going to be to different experiences. X-Men and Spider-Man are two different experiences. Batman Begins and Superman Returns are two totally different experiences. Yes they all had their origins in a graphic novel or a comic book but they are all sub-genres all to themselves. I would call X-Men a science fiction story as much as a comic book/super hero story...So if they all start to be exactly the same, I would be very nervous about it. But if you look at how different 300 is from Spider-Man from even Pirates that not based on a comic book, these are all very different sub genres until they all start seeming and smelling and sounding the same, it’s obviously very important for me that they don’t, in which is why all the movies that we are doing right now are going to have their own different vibe and I think most of the movies we’ve made already have their own separate vibe.

For more great questions and right here!


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almostunbiased 6/25/2007 12:08:38 AM
I'm looking forward to Wolverine, Iron Man and Magneto. Not too excited about any others, but maybe if I saw a trailer it could change my mind.
scoxocs 6/25/2007 1:01:35 AM
So far all I know of what they produced themselves is "Ultimate Avengers 1 and 2" and "Iron Man" (the cartoon version). Enjoyable enough, but not "WOW!" <strike>... btw: First paragraph... <strike>They're</strike> [Their] franchises continue to impress audiences in transferring from comic book form to the big screen. Sure, <strike>their</strike> [there] are the occasional misses with both critics and audiences but for the most part, they're on a roll with their perspective franchises. A pet peeve of mine.</strike> Love that you managed to use "they're", "there", and "their" all in one paragraph! :)
hanso 6/25/2007 1:10:13 AM
What's missing from the list is Ghost Rider 2 and Daredevil 2 so they can take away the awful taste Mark Johnsont whatever gave us! Personally, I'm looking forward to Iron Man, The Hulk( to see if they can make it good). I didnt know Goyer was directing Magneto. Guess I will have to wait for Blu Ray to watch it since I'm not a fan of his directing abilities. I think some of the movies on the list shouldn't be made, I mean come on, Ant Man? Really? They should just make an Avengers movie and skip the Thor, Ant Man, Captain American films. If the Avengers is a hit then maybe think about branching out.
metalwater 6/25/2007 1:26:45 AM
What about more Blade films, absent the always contemptuous David Goyer???!!! And speaking of contemptuous, Mark Steven Johnson, the director of Daredevil and Ghost Rider needs to be put out of our collective misery... permanently!!!
soulstealer82 6/25/2007 1:56:43 AM
i hope they do a sequel to The Punisher, the 1st one was a thousand times better than the one in the 80s with Dolph Lundgren. I read somewhere that they weren't going to make another Punisher movie but after i read this, i sure hope they do make another
DarkJedi_home 6/25/2007 2:43:53 AM
I noticed them scoxos...I had 4 articles at the same time there so I was quick to upload it. After reading it again, I saw the various mistakes. :) Everything's good now though. Jarrod S.
stormkane 6/25/2007 4:25:43 AM
I agree with Hanso......An ANTMAN movie!!! I mean c'mon. Give him a bit part in an Avengers movie, but not his own feature. I cant help feeling that Marvel are wasting some(most) of these classic characters with some poor choices of directors and scripts. Add up the marvel movies that are winners compared to the not so good. Regardless of how much money they rake in......
popa 6/25/2007 5:14:27 AM
As much as I welcome these movies, this development makes me very sad. Hasn't it occurred to anybody why these kinds of movies are so popular right now? There can be only one reason that America is turning en mass to fantasy these days. If you don’t get it, try reading a newspaper.
ponyboy76 6/25/2007 6:33:59 AM
The whole purpose of cinema is to enjoy and escape reality for 120 minutes. And"America" isn't turning en mass to fantasy these days. Every country with a movie theater has been in love with these types of films for decades. If you want more reality then watch the news.
nax37 6/25/2007 7:09:12 AM
Dr. Strange, Ant Man, Iron Fist... Does Marvel really think these characters can support a whole movie themselves? They can't even support their own comic series! How many awful movies of second tier characters do we need before they stop? For every Blade there's a Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Elektra, etc. I like the idea of the movies crossing over. I wish they did it more in some of the other movies. Even if it was just subtle hints that these movies are all taking place in the same New York. Sure, legal issues might prevent Spider-Man being mentioned by name in Fantastic Four, but would they prevent Tobey Maguire from playing a character named Peter who runs into Reed and talks about how he's a big fan of Dr. Richards' scientific works?
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