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Marvel superheroes get their own Press

Comic book parent company creates spinoff firm

By Patrick Sauriol     May 27, 2004
Source: Marvel Enterprises

Marvel Comics, home of the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and the X-Men.
© Marvel Comics
Now that they've proven that there's a market for novels using their proprietary characters, Marvel Enterprises announced plans to create an imprint that will publish future prose using the company's superheroes as characters. Marvel Press will publish its first book next month, a sequel to last year's MARY JANE young adults novel that featured Spider-Man's lovely better-half.

"Marvel Press is an important milestone for our publishing division, as it is a new tool for expanding the world of our characters and stories, while also bringing them to new audiences," explained Gui Karyo, Marvel's President of Publishing.

The new division will release titles aimed at three separate markets: grade school, young adult and adults. In addition to MARY JANE II, the company will release two more books later this year; one features Wolverine and is slated for October while a Spider-Man novel is aimed at middle grade readers and will be published in November. After that, Marvel Press has plans to publish a minimum of 12 novels next year.

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