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Marvel Unleashes Fear Itself

Sets up for April's event spectacular

By Chris Beveridge     December 21, 2010

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Marvel held their press conference today, which you can view through the recorded chat session on their site here, to unveil their event series of the spring which they've been hinting at for a bit now. The initial images that have been coming out revolved around various key characters and showing off some of their fears are all now starting to make a bit of sense as it has been revealed that the new seven issue core miniseries will be done by Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen. There will be a prologue issue as well which will hit in March that's being handled by Ed Brubaker and Scot Eaton. 

The focus of the series is on that of fear itself, something that Quesada made a nod towards as being big in our culture as pushed through by the media in news because of the economy, wars and other issues. So Marvel intends to ride that bandwagon a bit by posing the question as to what life in the Marvel Universe will be like when fear becomes the norm, hinting that heroes and villains won't be quite as distinguishable anymore. With Brevoort calling this a story as ambitious as their Civil War storyline, he further stated that ""There is a concealed act at the center of the Marvel universe that was committed a number of years ago, and it will change everything. And that, in essence, is what 'Fear Itself' is all about."

Feat Itself will have a lot of tie-ins that but the editors and creative staff said that the core series will be contained enough to make sense, but obviously they're going to want you to go elsewhere to get the full effect. Brevoort also indicated that even though they took off the past year for the big event series because of fans comments, he stressed that things in this series have been in place for quite some time with some elements out there in existing comics upwards of two  years ago. The first issue is due out in April, running about 45 pages and with a planned price point of $3.99.

You can see the full gallery of promotional images here.

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Calibur454 12/21/2010 10:15:46 AM

Id love to see marvel do a compilation collection of the civil war story line. Have all the comic books put together in order into a graphic novle format (I'm sure they would have to do more than one for the entire series) I would love to see that type of thing.

violator14 12/21/2010 1:37:37 PM

Man, i really miss the good old days of reading comic books. I think i'll dig into my basement and look for my Age of Apocolypse series to read just for the hell of it!

ncatcollectible 12/21/2010 2:38:36 PM

Who cares? I fear the 3.99 price tag for this book. I thought marvel was going to reduce prices to 2.99 and trim the fat with thier books. I guess Old Joe just wants to milk the last few comic buyers out there that actually by comics every month and not the cheap deal hunters! Of course are they actually any stores left now?

Wyldstaar 12/21/2010 2:39:31 PM

I thought they already did that.  I've seen plenty of Civil War graphic novels at Half-Price Books, and they're numbered.  I just don't care enough to buy them.

johnwhitetoledo 12/21/2010 2:44:17 PM

Oh yeah, they also edited the comments coming in. My first response- "oh I see you have been watching Smallville." Somebody somewhere stole this from DC. I doubt it was otherwise, because Marvel and the Mouse would have had something to say. You do'nt screw with the Mouse.

Nice Mouse sweater Jose. Your idol was worshipped well.

I mentioned this in a post, and it never saw the update on their streaming page. Only complementary things showed up. I switched to Twitter and my post about Marvel needing some anti-depressants came through ok.

Frankly however this could be good. PROVIDING: This does not become a Political bandstand.

If it does- please be balanced in your approach. Both liberals and conservatives read comics folks.

But I do think that it's awesome when the Marv's make the world gritty. i do so loved vols 1 and 2 of the Ultimates.

Peices I caught : Something bad is going to happen to Aunt May and To one of The FF. something is going down, and I dont think whoever it is will be coming back. It sounded final. I'm serious they seemed to indicate there is going to be some ground breaking serious death here.


That means about 12-24 months folks.



jedibanner 12/21/2010 2:55:05 PM

Calibur, they have done exactly what your asking. It's called civil war chronicle and includes the original books and all the tie-ins in order.

It's not too bad for events but, it's always a choice. Read it or don't, some like it, some won't.


if it's interesting, will read it.

Calibur454 12/21/2010 4:12:08 PM

ah thanks Jedi I had no idea they were doing that already- I'll look into it.

Ncatcollectible- thats normally why I will only buy graphic novels at this point. It is very rare for me to buy a comic book now adays. The graphic novels are cheaper and most come with cool extras like sketches and comentary on covers and story plots.

And besides it is just my preference but I like reading large chuncks of a story line instead of waiting for the next month or two for the next issue to come out. Thats why I love Omnibus editions. I just snagged the walking dead omnibus and looking forward to reading it. I also wouldnt mind a 100 bullets collection as well. HINT HINT DC.

Violator I feel ya on buying the single issue comics I still remmber getting them for under a couple of bucks and Ncatcollectible does have a point about the 4-5 dollar price tag. Its just gotten to step nowadays.

Betenoire 12/21/2010 5:14:20 PM

...and their fears will all be demonstrated by the Black Power Rings...Oh wait, that was the Distinguished Competion's plot not to long ago. A concealed act like wiping the minds of some characters including wait, that was the other guys as well.


Sure there is nothing new under the sun but could we get a few more revolutions around that heavenly body before repeating a few of them?

GSSCHAN2000 12/22/2010 4:32:43 AM


will stories be original? NO

will the art be better? NO

will characters killed stay dead? OH HELL NO!

will book prices go up? YES

you are right it changes everything!

redvector 12/22/2010 5:59:26 AM

Both companies Marvel and DC pretty much suck. Lurching from one "event" after another. Note that's "event" with a small "e." Blackest night is still dragging on and on endlessly. DC killed off a bunch of characters in recent years only to bring them back.

Marvel killed off Cap only to reveal that he was displaced in time. And of course DC does the same thing with Batman. Both were replaced with former sidekicks.

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